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KleverNotes Version 1.0 official release
  • Have you looked at how Obsidian handles it? I think their solution is pretty much perfect. You have the markdown, you write wysiwym, but you only ever see the source when your cursor is in that specific line/part. Also for equations.

  • LPT Do it.
  • You don't. You could try overleaf or some wysiwyg editor for LaTeX, but both need some getting used to and at least a minute amount of effort. Overleaf probably has the lowest barrier of entry (0 set up required), but is a paid service.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • There was this company doing something similar with CDs. They sold the physical medium and then let you download the ripped files and store the CDs at their place. In fact, you could just buy the record online and directly download a .flac from their website. And if you wanted, you could have the physical medium shipped to you.

    Apparently that was legal, but they have gone bankrupt a few years ago iirc. They were called Murphies (idk about the spelling).

  • A Closer Look At Pull Through Knife Sharpeners
  • I recently got a WorkSharp ken onion sharpener (there's a video about it on the same channel) and I think this is the solution for 90% of people that want sharp knives but don't want to spend the time learning and sharpening by hand.

    The learning curve is very flat, it's fast and the results are really good. You can also easily replace the abrasive (there's even cheap 3rd party ones).

    The only downside is that you can very easily ruin your blade if you're going ham with the coarse belts, as they do indeed remove material with relative ease. And you're getting a convex grind instead of a flat one which might even be a positive thing.

  • Why do people give videos English titles when the videos themselves are in some other language?
  • Are you speaking of YouTube? YouTube has a "feature" that will auto-translate titles of videos to your account language (the creator may have to enable this, not sure).

    If you google for the issue you'll find multiple people with the same issue, but afaik there's not really a proper way to prevent the translation. If you do understand the original language, you can add it to your account languages to stop translation though.

  • Stop Killing Games is a new campaign to stop developers making games unplayable
  • When I was younger, you'd still buy games in a physical store and one time I found a great sounding game "Fury" (an online PvP RPG). I went ahead and bought it with my pocket money and was super eager to play it. I even remember reading the booklet in the car while driving home, imagining how fun that game will be.

    At home I then installed the game just to find out the the fuckers have shut down the game servers just about 2 years after the initial release of the game rendering the game absolutely unplayable.

    I'm still kinda pissed about that, and I still have that box lying around somewhere.

  • What's a product or service you thought was overrated until you tried it?
  • Replacement is very easy, just screw the old one out and the new one in. Refills are under 7€ around here and they last for quite a while (they claim 60 L per canister but I've never really tracked how long they actually last).

    You can theoretically also get an adapter kit to either refill with your own big CO2 canister or directly connect a larger canister. Unless you are a very heavy user this is probably not worth it though.

    Regarding brands, I don't think that there's a big difference between sodastream and off-brand ones. The cylinders are typically interchangeable as well (as long as you don't get the "quick connect" ones from Sodastream). I would also recommend getting a model with glass bottles instead of plastic ones because you can put them in the dishwasher.

  • Tuxedo Laptops - Any good?
  • I've got a Pulse 15 for a few years now and I'm very happy with it. The keyboard is not the best, but I can live with that.

    The Pulse is based on some Clevo machine, you might want to look at what the Stellaris is based on to find more reviews.

  • ich🤓iel
  • Beim Schreiben hast du die Ergebnisse ja schon, und es ist meist einfacher die Methoden nachher zu schreiben um nochmal zu rekapitulieren wie man zu den Ergebnissen gekommen ist.

  • What to do with flower bulbs in this time of the year?

    So I got my hands on some flower bulbs which are typically meant to be planted in spring and I was wondering what I could do with them now. To be concrete, I have

    • Dahlia
    • Mirabilis jalapa
    • Ixia

    I'm in USDA zone 7b/8a and I could either place them on a south facing balcony or inside. I've also read that you can force flowers in a vase with some bulbs such as Hyacinths but I haven't read anything about that with the ones I have. Or should I just keep them in storage until next spring and plant them then?