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New York Times warns freelancers of GitHub repo data breach
  • GitLab sucks and has been getting worse. Their system requirements are high because they can’t figure out how to make efficient code.

    I’ve since signed up but haven’t used GitHub, so I can’t claim if it’s better or worse. But I’m definitely looking for an alternative

  • Kanye West 'trapped ex-employee in room then performed sex act under covers'
  • Yo it’s the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out of prison. There are no girls up in here so homes what I’m missing. Sipping on water (yeah water), in the next cell is Father. It’s the freaking weekend and I won’t be having no fun….

  • I like cars but…

    I can’t help but think that cars (EV included) just aren’t the answer. I feel like bikes aren’t the answer either. I feel like the metro and high speed rail are.

    Most people don’t drive because they like driving (US), most people drive because they have to. And that sucks. You shouldn’t feel like you’re forced to drive. Because that’s auto insurance and auto registration that you have to pay.

    You can’t eliminate roads altogether. You need at least one or two lanes for fire trucks, ambulances, garbage trucks, etc. but you can create pockets of no car zones.

    People like me who like cars, should be able to have places we store our cars. We should have places where we can explore the limits of our cars instead of driving through traffic. But that should be a strictly extracurricular activity.

    In the no car pockets, you should be able to walk to a grocery store, hardware store, that has what you need. You should be able to have mixed zoning. Single family units shouldn’t be the norm. If I own a car but it’s not my dedicated form of transportation, I can buy a cooler car and I don’t need a garage next to where I live to store it. I can store it outside no car pockets so that I can take public transport to my car and then take my car to the track.

    Yes, it’ll take awhile to get there but why aren’t we doing more to that end? Am I too idealistic?


    Why do so many lemmy instances have non-traditional TLDs?

    I’ve seen:

    • .ml
    • .social
    • .world
    • .cuz

    Is it due to cheaper registration and/or renewal fees? Or are there simply more availability on those TLDs?


    Is there anyway to turn off swipe to upvote?

    I have accidentally upvoted two things that I did not intend. I don’t intend to ever swipe to upvote - but I would like to swipe to go back. Is there anyway to make the swipe to upvote a choice?