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Android 15 might finally stop treating slow 7.5W chargers as fast
  • Seriously. This thought occurred to me the other day when I plugged my power bank into a car's charging port to check the wattage and wondered "why the fuck can't my phone just do this by default?" Do we actually not trust people to understand higher number = faster?

  • Butts, breasts, and genitals now explicitly allowed on Elon Musk’s X
  • Made me check for my home state of Utah. But looks like they require a "substantial portion" or 1/3 of content on a site to be porn. source Looks like we all need to get busy posting tits to twitter for the good of the children.

  • GrapheneOS Now Supports a Duress Reset PIN and More
  • The pin+fingerprint is super intriguing and exactly what I've been wanting for a while. I am curious about the range of options though. Could you use a pattern with fingerprint? Also, could you have a duress pin+fingerprint in addition to a duress password?

  • Are there any maps apps that rip data from Google Maps?
  • Just to clarify: what are some of your specific complaints with bad information? I ask because I've been trying to fill in business hours and other info you might find on g maps for my city, and it's definitely challenging. My new pet peeve is just how many businesses don't bother listing their hours anywhere but proprietary services. No hours on their website and not even on their front doors.

  • T-Mobile imposes $5 monthly price hike on customers using older plans
  • Got the text about the increase and it's definitely nail in the coffin for me. I've confirmed that I don't need much data even with forgetting to reconnect to wifi.

    Strangely found myself tempted towards Helium Mobile since it's 20 bucks for "unlimited" with 30GB of high speed. But of course it's a crypto product... I'd been planning to wait til they release a feature to supposedly cryptographically protect against SIM swap attacks here. Assuming it checks out for security I'd consider it a decent extra benefit. Thoughts?

    edit: forgot to mention they're a tmobile mvno. so not exactly completely getting away from them.

  • Found this wondering town
  • Respectfully I think this is a minimal attack vector in this case due to the limited character set of urls. But thanks for the callout, I didn't know there was a name for this sort of attack.

  • community is punk
  • Riding a bike because you despise car centric infrastructure is punk. Advocating for your local library is punk. Evangelizing anti corporate and FOSS tech is punk. Don't you dare try to gatekeep my punk.

  • Google Messages starts testing RCS message editing
  • RCS worked for me with Google's messages app and GrapheneOS. Took a bit for it to verify and start working but once it did I had no issues. I've since switched to QKSMS and now the only google app on my phone is play store services.

  • Safety Razor, what do I need to think about?
  • I had previously done what some recommend here and got some random cheap safety razor off amazon. Was a bit of a learning curve but I loved it. Saw a youtube sponsorship for Henson from a creator I really liked and decided to go for it. Hate to be a shill but no regrets. It's notably more forgiving than my old safety razor and just super satisfying. to look at and use.

  • Daring Utopia Future Fiction?

    I've been loving my hard scifi recently. But I feel like it's begun to demonstrate how much easier it is to imagine all the ways things could go wrong. If fiction is how we lay an outline for the future, I wonder if anyone can recommend some more uplifting stories to me? Rather than a cautionary tale I would appreciate a story with a setting where the author dares to risk being wrong about what's right for us. Naturally this may simply be the setting for a somewhat unrelated story, but I'm curious what sorts of literature comes to mind that falls into this category.


    Self hosted NAS + Lightweight Game Streaming Solution?

    I have an aging gaming desktop with a GTX 970 that I've previously used to let friends/family stream games. My area has a lot of fiber so it's surprisingly usable, even got VR working. Problem is, I'd prefer to use it as a NAS most the time as it has plenty of drive bays and I need somewhere better to run jellyfin than my desktop.

    I'm somewhat aware of the options as I've used various hypervisors etc before, but I also want something as simple as possible. Because of that, I'm looking at TrueNAS. I'm aware my point of difficulty is gonna be the GPU. Is there any easy way to use it for a gaming VM at times and jellyfin encode others? If there's not some nifty feature in Proxmox or TrueNAS to solve my problem, how dumb would running a linux VM with both the games and Jellyfin be?

    Forgive me if this is a more generic question than I realize. I'd be plenty happy to be pointed to some existing resources.


    Honestly - How much will you sacrifice for a better world?

    Confronted with the likelihood that we cannot achieve climate goals, confront socioeconomic inequality, and ultimately build a better world without significant personal sacrifice: How much are you personally capable and willing to lose? I mean this in the most earnest way possible. Acknowledging the likely possibility of working for an unethical organization while simultaneously supporting family who rely on you financially. Do you believe the amount we can and will bear aligns with the amount we must bear?