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Fetterman has to be one of the biggest disappointments for the left in recent memory
  • Given the opportunity, this kind of slimeball is ready to lieberman/manchin/sinema it up to tank a critical vote on major legislation.

  • Chemical Makers Sue Over Rule to Rid Water of ‘Forever Chemicals’
  • These chemical makers should be sued to oblivion for poisoning us all.

  • Why global GDP might be $7trn bigger than everyone thought
  • Just keep jacking up rent, then you'll be "producing" even more.

  • Is the US economy doing well? It depends if you ask a Democrat or a Republican
  • It really wasn't. Of course it's always had a premium over home cooking, but the premium has exploded over the last few years.

  • Costco accused of “greedflation”: Wholesaler reports increase in earnings while hiking up prices
  • Seems to me like the greedflation would be further up the chain, like suppliers.

  • "How am I supposed to explain this to my children?!"
  • Being able to explain things in life to your child is basic parenting.

  • Next he summoned a lemon
  • Can a daemon be my girlfriend? 🤔

  • C++
  • C is almost the perfect subset for me, but then I miss templates (almost exclusively for defining generic data structures) and automatic cleanup. That's why I'm so interested in Zig with its comptime and defer features.

  • PSA: Alternatives for the most popular communities
  • That's true to some extent. I don't agree with hard censorship like that, but there is also the risk of getting astroturfed and brigaded like reddit, which had a clear example as far back as 2013 where Eglin Air Force Base, FL showed up as "most addicted city". The goal of censorship is to give your own opinions more space, so I'm not exactly upset if other instances are moderated in a different way when there are plenty of other instances moderated in a different way. The fediverse offers plenty of space.

  • Israeli military rescues four hostages alive from Gaza, including Noa Argamani
  • Maybe you're right, the world tries to negotiate with israel all the time to no avail.

  • C++
  • The graph goes up for me when I find my comfortable little subset of C++ but goes back down when I encounter other people's comfortable little subset of C++ or when I find/remember another footgun I didn't know/forgot about.

  • PSA: Alternatives for the most popular communities
  • Clearly the American point of view is neutral, the default, and the truth, so it doesn't count as propaganda.

  • PSA: Alternatives for the most popular communities
  • The onslaught of fediverse karen posts about continues.

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • Thanks for admitting you have no response and instead rely on a thought-terminating cliché.

  • India just showed the world how to fight an authoritarian on the rise
  • We're in full agreement here and that was my point when I argued against the "just vote" talking point. Democrats need to change their tactics and apply pressure using what works. Currently their only tactic is pointing out "we're not trump" and they're putting their full force behind that tactic and it's not working (or at least not well enough to enact meaningful change). One key problem is how we get democrats to change their tactics and clearly "just vote" isn't cutting it because they're not fazed by threats to withhold votes, so it's not like they actually care if you vote for them beyond getting them into office. It does nothing to change democratic party policy.

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • There is a big gap between auth-left and auth-right thought. Auth-right thought imposes violence as an inherent part of the ideology because it promotes the idea of racial supremacy, they have to actively commit violence to achieve their goals. Auth-left uses violence on perceived threats to their order, not based on features people are born with. I do not agree with China's actions on Tiananmen Square or their treatment of Uyghurs, but these two things are definitely used by the US as a fulcrum to attack China.

    Do you not find it odd how much importance is placed on Tiananmen Square after all these decades? Do you not find it odd how hard the US hammers the point of the Uyghur genocide while at the same time fully funding and supporting the genocide of Palestinians? The tactic is to flood communication channels with propaganda to achieve domination over the narrative and this is the sort of thing we're seeing here with countless posts about tankies. Why are we supposed to take American narratives as gospel to shut down opposing narratives?

  • India just showed the world how to fight an authoritarian on the rise
  • That's what happens with complacency. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done to dismantle the fascist machine, but it requires sustained full commitment and effort from the opposition. Think about how bad things were with george w bush. Democrats were able to seize that opportunity to get in and do some good things, but they were mostly fine with the status quo and this is what gave us trump.

  • India just showed the world how to fight an authoritarian on the rise
  • "jUsT vOtE" wasn't the solution. It required the opposition parties to work on getting those votes. If the democrats in the US wanted to learn a lesson, it'd be that they shouldn't just lean on "sure we suck ass but trump is worse!!"

    This excerpt is key:

    First, voters punished Modi for putting his Hindu nationalist agenda ahead of fixing India’s unequal economy. Second, Indian voters had some real concerns about the decline of liberal democracy under BJP rule. Third, the opposition parties waged a smart campaign that took advantage of Modi’s vulnerabilities on the economy and democracy.

    Note the first point hitting on the economy. Democrats have gone with "actually everything is great and you not being able to afford things is just your feelings".

  • India just showed the world how to fight an authoritarian on the rise
  • There was the uncommitted movement for the democratic primaries, but democrats screamed and shat their pants in anger over people daring to challenge party unity. Reminder that these uncommitted votes were just to send the message that biden should stop supporting genocide which should really be a no-brainer and even then democrats threw a fit. The political parties have their primary processes clamped down and completely controlled. If trump threatened the moneyed interests at all, he would've been shut down during the party primaries like Bernie was.

  • Hololive Fans Swarming Akihabara Mister Donut Because of FUWAMOCO

    As a result of FUWAMOCO, Hololive Advent Vtubers Fuwawa and Mococo, posting about their Mister Donut visits, fans are heading there too.

    Hololive Fans Swarming Akihabara Mister Donut Because of FUWAMOCO

    So much power, and not even sponsored!