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Reject reality
  • Superchunk has a song called hyper enough and I think the first verse ends with "lofter gusts" but it sounds like he's saying "laughter guns" to me and many others. So much so the band made an EP with the title. Features a college radio show doing a deep dive on the subject.

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • it's because it's not taking into account any other expenses, phone, internet, utilities etc.

    Spending 75-100 a week for a person in groceries is pretty normal in my experience. Before COVID I was spending 50-60 a week but those days are over. .

  • Steam allowing curators to promote homophobia.
  • I get not being interested in games that have strong lgbtq+ themes or story. I'm not, but I'm also glad they exist and people can find games that represent them. I'm also not opposed to playing as an lgbtq+ character in the same way I don't mind playing as a female character.

    Being so close minded you can't stand for sandbox games to allow you to make a pride flag, or an RPG allow you to make a non binary character is just hateful.

  • Happy Fourth of July!
  • My 4th of July songs are "woods of love by the embarrassment" which is about barbaric acts America has committed and "Not proud of the USA by the Mice" about anti war. I think you'll like both if you like green day. They have cited the mice as an influence.

  • Eat shit Spotify.
  • Yeah it's a whole spectrum. I hear normally out of my right ear but left is at best 50% volume. Just genetics my cousins have similar hearing profiles. If I listen to music with just the right ear I feel like I'm missing out even though I can barely tell what goes on in left ear outside of bass and drums.

  • Prove youre an OG, State your distro couz
  • Started on the 'buntu in 2005 or 2006. Distro hopped for a decade until I found Solus. That had some dark times a few years ago but seems to be back now but I moved to Debian anyway. Feels right.

  • And here I am just wanting to spray paint "bitch" on my sub's car :'(
  • I usually think garish paint jobs ruin vehicles but in this case I think the paint job improves it. I also think if Elon sees this he'll burst a blood vessel so bonus points for that. No paint job will make me not hate the CT and anyone who buys one though.

  • If Trump Wins
  • I'm mostly surprised the NYT is the one publishing this. It's read more like a capitalist shill rag trying to play both sides for at least a decade. Never taking the shots it needed to at the right even when there were facts to do so and not editorials/opinions.

  • In what subtle (or significant) ways has your hometown changed since your childhood?
  • In a lot of ways not much. No zoning for mulit unit lots so population probably has stayed about the same. The area around has become a lot more developed with a biotech boom. There used to be a forest across the street and now it's been turned into a whole foods and business park. The college town nearby has exploded and taken over every square inch in apartments. You can walk around town though and it looks mostly the same but hippies and college professors have been replaced by yuppy tech bro families that like their gardens much more manicured instead of lush and wild.