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What's the most expensive thing you've come to own that you've never gotten to fully use?
  • I believe there was someone on Shark Tank trying to get funding for an app to let people do that. If I remember correctly he did not get funded.

    I would also assume there are some legal obligations with that. Like having to have lifeguards or other safety measures a public pool is required, that a house would not have.

    Plus people are gross. I'm sure this would only increase the amount of cleaning I would need to do.

  • What's the most expensive thing you've come to own that you've never gotten to fully use?
  • It's not really that it needs to be fixed up. The chemicals and supplies are outrageously overpriced. Then there always seems to be some major issue every year or two. I've lived in the house for 7 years and have had to replace the control board and the pump. I had to replace $2,500 worth of piping after Texas cut my power for 3 days during freezing temperatures. Then last summer it was so hot the ground shifted and it broke two return lines that had to be repaired through the concrete deck. And I know by next year it will be due for resurfacing.

  • If I wanted to, hypothetically, guarentee that I shit my pants 2 to 6 hours from now, how should I do it?
  • I lost 7.5 lbs in one night due to that stuff. I went to the doctor because I kept having diarrhea. Turns out I was so constipated the only thing that could make its way out was liquid. I drank a bottle of that stuff and 45 minutes know that one scene from Dumb and Dumber? Yeah, that was me for like an hour and half straight.

  • Could you post a photo of your cat and tell me what makes them so special?
  • My cat is the very definition of a cat, totally aloof, fiercely independent, kind of an asshole. She only acknowledges my presence when she wants to eat. She loved to bait the dogs and get them in trouble for chasing her. No guests in our house have ever seen her. The only times she even allows me to pet her is when she has a mat she wants me to get out.

    The only exception is with my daughter. She absolutely loves her. As long as no one else is around she will love all over her. This picture was from about 2 years ago when my daughter got a nasty cold, and she watched over her the entire time. She even turned around and yelled at me shortly after taking this picture because my daughter started having a small coughing fit.

  • What's a job you couldn't get paid enough to do?
  • They are basically glorified urgent care clinics that can charge you exorbitant sums because they call themselves ERs. Plus like you said they aren't attached to hospitals, so if something is really wrong they'll have to transfer you. And bonus for them, they probably own the ambulance that will transfer you, so they can take more of your money.

  • What's a job you couldn't get paid enough to do?
  • I've worked as a consultant for 15 years, so I've worked with a lot of companies. There have been two companies I refused to work for. A payday loan company and one of those places that runs stand alone ERs.

  • What's a candy that's practically crack for you?
  • I rotate back and forth. Sometimes I'm all about Red Vines then a few months later it will be Twizzlers. Right now, I'm on a Twizzlers kick. But who knows next week I could find myself craving Red Vines again. And I have no idea why.

  • Which are the most fucked up books you've read?
  • Red Dragon too for the same reason. The way he writes really gets you into the characters mind. I still get chills thinking about the part with the reporter in wheelchair. He describes the victim thought process as he's dropped off outside his office building. Even after all the killer did to him, he starts thinking he'll be set free, and you start to think that too, ::: spoiler spoiler just moments before he is set on fire and rolled down the hill. :::

    Another one that really distributed me was when he describes the killer just watching a family in their house. They are completely unaware that he has been watching them and that they'll be his next victims.

    I read that book 25 years ago and I still remember vivid details of it.

  • Your username is going to enter your asshole in five minutes. How screwed are you and what do you do you do to prepare?
  • I guess it depends on his mood. He could either be a few atoms, a cloud that could cover an entire planet, a bomb that is large enough to connect every sun in the universe together, or a cricket bat. Aside from the atoms, I don't think I would survive. So not much I could do to prepare.

  • I took a similar path but eventually ended up on openSUSE for my desktop. I've been pretty happy with it. I can't think of a single issue that I wasn't able to quickly resolve. I even got CUDA installed and working in under an hour.

  • Congregation
  • This is the thing I love the most about the younger generations now.

    • Boomers: If you don't like it do something about it
    • Gen-X: nah we're too nihilistic
    • Millennials: sorry we're too busy trying to survive on the scraps you left us
    • Boomers: that's what I thought


    • Boomers: If you don't like it do something about it
    • Gen-Z/Alpha: okay!
    • Boomers: no, not like that!
  • Eagle Draft CB Quinyon Mitchell Quinyon Mitchell Draft and Combine Prospect Profile |

    All Combine and Draft-Related Analysis, News, Video, and Biographical Information for Quinyon Mitchell

    I'm so glad to see Howie focusing on the defense

    Punk hactar42
    Punks Who Can Shred

    One of my guilty pleasures is shredding guitar solos. I'm looking for recommendations on punk guitarists or songs that absolutely shred.


    What is going on down on I-20?

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    > From

    Beastie Boys - Sabotage (1994)

    Thought I'd include a pretty good retrospective video about the making of this music video.

    Looking for games that let kids just play around

    I'm looking for some games for my son that lets him explore and play around at his own pace. Things similar to First Contact, which he loved. He has motor control problems, so games that requires precise movements are difficult for him. For example, he cannot make it though the first song on Beat Saber when it is set to easy and the directions are turned off.

    If you know of any that just allow a player to just explore or manipulate the things around them, while also hopefully being entertaining for a 12 year old, please let me know. Thanks!

    Looking for advice on a kid/tamper proof retro gaming experience

    I’m looking for some advice on setting up a retro gaming system for my son. He absolutely loves the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and some Atari classics like Frogger. The problem I have is he is autistic, which leads to two very different issues to solve. First is he loves to tinker with things. Which I don’t mind, and actively encourage in kids because that's how you learn. However, when he breaks something, it can cause full blown meltdowns. Like you would think the end of the world is coming level meltdowns. Therefore, things like the Nintendo Switch are great because there is not much he can do in the settings. Especially, with the built-in parent controls. However, when I’ve tried setting him up with a laptop with Retro Arch, he will jack with the settings and break it in a matter of minutes.

    I’d like to figure out something I can plug into a TV that will allow him to play retro games, preferably with a wireless controller (because I’ll be damned if I can get him to sit still why playing Sonic). The best solution I’ve used in the past was a Nvidia Shield TV running Arch Browser. He still managed to factory reset once, but outside of that it worked well. However, the fact that it is a full streaming/media system is overkill for what I’m looking for. Plus, I really don’t like the direction it has been heading with the built-in ads and other Google crap.

    I looked into the Sega Genesis mini, but they are selling for more than a Shield TV and have wired controllers. I have an Atari flashback, but it is crap with it's IR controllers. Whoever though of that obviously has never tried to get a child to maintain line of sight while playing a game.

    So, I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestion for hardware/software that will allow for the playing of retro games on a TV, but also have a way of either preventing tampering with settings, making it more difficult to get to the settings, or even something that can be reset and configured with a few clicks. I’d love to be able to tell him, look if you mess it up just reboot and it will reset.

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps (1968) - Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, and Jeff Lynne

    Performed at the Hall of Fame induction for George Harrison in 2004.

    Philadelphia Eagles OT Lane Johnson Tackling Mental Health Issues Head-On

    > Philadelphia Eagles tackle Lane Johnson has "helped a lot more people than people realize" and is the team's nominee for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award

    After his early troubles with performance-enhancing drugs and injuries, I thought he would be out of the league in a couple of years. Not only has he become one of the best tackles but an all around great guy too. I've never been so glad to be wrong.

    0 Eagles roster news: Four Thursday transactions

    The Philadelphia Eagles officially announced four roster moves on Thursday. An overview: LB Ben VanSumeren was signed from the practice squad to the active roster. CB Josiah Scott and WR Cam Sims...

    Eagles roster news: Four Thursday transactions
    • LB Ben VanSumeren was signed from the practice squad to the active roster.
    • CB Josiah Scott and WR Cam Sims were signed to the practice squad.
    • WR Greg Ward was released from the practice squad.

    I hope Ward gets another chance somewhere. Not the best receiver but he seemed like a good dude with some potential.

    DeSean Jackson retiring as an Eagle Former Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson to retire as an Eagle

    Wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who electrified the football field during two stints in Philadelphia, will retire as an Eagle on Friday.

    Former Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson to retire as an Eagle

    He will also be an honorary captain for Sunday's game against the 49ers.

    99 yard pick 6
    Redneck Zombies (1989)

    They're Tobacco Chewin', Gut Chompin', Cannibal Kinfolk from Hell!

    In the backwoods of America live a very special kind of people: Friendly, decent, hard-working dirt farmers. When they accidentally drink a barrel of nuclear waste, they turn into tobacco-chewing, flesh eating, cannibal kinfolk from hell. Meanwhile, seven sophisticated city slickers on vacation get lost in the woods and encounter a nightmare world of these illiterate and extremely insensitive undead. While the tourists hikers use all their wits and courage to stay alive, more and more 'down-home' types imbibe the nasty brew until Redneck Zombies are everywhere. What started as a scenic nature hike turns into a bloodbath of dismemberment and cannibalism.


    Personal note: This was the movie that introduced me to Troma and started the B movie watching parties I had in high school

    Lisa Winter appreciation post

    After cutting the cord 7-8 years ago, BattleBots kind of feel off my radar. That's why I was stoked when they added it to Max streaming service. And I've been binging it for the last month or so.

    My absolute favorite thing to watch for is, when you can see the judges in the background of a fight, it never fails that Lisa will have the biggest grin on her face. I don't know why, but I love seeing a judge enjoying themselves like a fan would.

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