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SpaceX retrieves space junk from Saskatchewan farmer
  • exactly why you just don't need to make shit up.

    Exactly this! Its counter productive to adressing the legitimate criticisms. This happened with Trump all the time. They want you to make stuff up so they can just say fake news to the real nasty shit they're actually doing.

  • UN Chief Calls for Global Ban on Fossil Fuel Advertising
  • It will at least curtail some of greenwashing they do to keep their stock price up. Also in the case of cigarettes it helped reduce cigarette usage even though people already have their preferred brand generally use.

  • The majority of Americans are not engaged at work, 70% of managers have no training to lead a hybrid team and it could be killing employee engagement
  • I was recently asked to mentor someone on another team, but being as though i haven't had a raise in over 2 yrs and coworkers I relied on are laid off I declined that 'opportunity'. I would mentor another teammate because it helps me individually, but ill be damned if i stick my neck out for the company who is making record profits quietly shedding good talent and hiring new cheaper replacements.

  • Any non-cloud scanner app?

    Looking for a good scanner app that allows you to create PDFs from taking pictures of documents and doesn't require a cloud? Preferably something that allows you to create multiple pages of a PDF. I begrudgingly use google drive for this purpose presently.


    Fetterman introduces bill to allow striking workers to collect SNAP benefits

    U.S. Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., is introducing legislation today that would allow workers on strike to collect SNAP benefits, formerly known as food stamps.


    Firefighters rescue someone stuck in trench near Northern Liberties Firefighters rescue someone stuck in trench

    Firefighters worked to rescue someone trapped in the ground near Philadelphia's Northern Liberties neighborhood Friday morning.