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Michael Cohen cites AI-generated court cases in his defense
  • Some LLMs are already generating answers based on other llm generated contant. We've gone full circle.

    I was using phind to get some information about edrum sensors, (not the intended usecase, but I was just messing around) and one of the sources was a very obvious AI generating article from a contant mill.

    Skynet is going to be so inbred

  • Videos show Israeli soldiers in Gaza burning food, vandalizing a shop and ransacking private homes | CNN
  • Demographic from Wikipedia:

    0–14 years: 44.1% 15–24 years: 21.3% 25–54 years: 28.5% 55–64 years: 3.5% 65 years and over: 2.6%

    something like 75% of all Gazans were either not born or not of voting age when the last elections were held 16 years ago.

    Goddamned time traveling Palestinians!

  • Who you gonna vote for, Republicans?
  • Not sure why he waited 3 years to announce he will start to deliver on a campaign promise…

    Common tactic. Delay working on vote-winning issues until the end of the first term for that sweet, oh so sweet, double dip.