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We may never know
  • Over here in Belgium we do, I thought that's how it's done in most countries. It makes more sense to me too, you get your salary monthly (or maybe fortnightly like you) and you talk about your rent, debt payments, ... also on a monthly basis.

  • Responsive Design Go Brrrr
  • This seems really cool for tiling windows managers (even Windows has tiling options, although I'm not familiar with those). That being said, I still prefer a multimonitor setup on my tiling WM of choice.

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham Suggests Nuking Gaza, Calls Hiroshima ‘the Right Decision’
  • I'm from in Belgium, and have colleagues from countries from both sides of the second world war. The carpet bombing of cities is still talked about every now and then. It's still remembered as one of the worst tragedies during that war (apart from the obvious), and the scars it left in many family trees still pain the people to this day.

    Hearing stories from Gaza and the Donbas always remind me of the stories I used to hear from my grandfather, and I believed we left those war tactics behind in the last century. It's absolutely insane hearing an allied country to ours debating using those tactics again.

  • Is The US Headed Towards Fascism?
  • The term fascism stems from that period, from the Italian Fascist Party. It just was a slow roll during the Weimar Republic, in which violence and politics became more and more entangled until they were indistinguishable from each other.

    There of course were a lot of people standing up against fascism and nazism, but it wasn't unilaterally seen as something really bad until after the second world war.

  • Not like that
  • I'm Belgian. I definitely agree that our pils isn't the best, but when I think about our beer culture I don't think about pils. I'm planning to go to Czechia some time, I've only ever had Belgian and German pils.

  • Bug: Connect sometimes forgets an account

    I've got three accounts on different instances. When I switch accounts, it sometimes removes an account from the thingy on the left. I think it's related with the servers updating to a new version of Lemmy, but I'm not sure.

    Is "to put something" grammatically correct?

    I'll preface this by saying that English is not my mother language and I'm sorry if this isn't the right community, but I didn't find a more appropriate one.

    Last year I started to notice more and more people on YouTube for example using the verb "to put" without a preposition -- like "Now I put the cheese" -- which sounds very weird and kind of feels wrong to me. Is this really used in spoken English and is it grammatically correct?

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