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Tech support workers, what are your favorite stories from your time in the industry?
  • Before I was officially in tech support but I was the unofficial helper in my office. I don't recall the exact issue this person was having on their desktop but I went over to help and said "have you tried restarting?" This person, a millennial, probably younger or the same age as me, then pressed the power button on the monitor to "restart". I'm still reeling.

  • Finally one of the sovcits is noticed by CPS.
  • Can someone help with my reading comprehension here? The person had a letter to deny healthcare for the children but said yes to healthcare for themselves?

    At first I read it as the person gave them the letter saying no re healthcare for children, but when asked verbally said yes for the same.

  • Maybe it was someone from the future.
  • As a Canadian I'm sorry for the Americans but I'm also fucking terrified for what this means for us. We're already seeing it bleed (pun intended) into our borders and I don't think I could handle if our politics went further that way. This is gonna affect a whole lot more than Americans.

  • What is your side hustle/gig?
  • I used to do transcription on the side but tech has really killed that in the last few years. Still get a few jobs once in a while but really just do it for fun now more than an actual money making thing.

  • What are the rules?
  • I don't have anything helpful to say but just wanted you to know this post is making me almost cry because I wish I had a parent like you. Thanks for being their safe space.

  • No war but class rule
  • I'm a public servant and our ex-president (who was in charge at the time of our strike) was sitting on the executive board for the party in power. It was a very big issue and they have since been voted out.