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About the bear...
  • So you think it will help to just tell folks to not be afraid? How did you overcame your fear? What if similar experiences happened to your and your friends more than once?

    On personal level, in my experience it's best to validate someones emotions and then help them work through them if they wish so and are ready. On societal level it's another question on how to teach people more empathy and to respect for others - and at least in my opinion we already came quite a way.

  • About the bear...
  • “If I was given a choice to be stranded in the woods with either a bear or a woman, I would choose the bear, because the bear wouldn’t accuse me of raping it if I ignored it.”

    Seem like you are actually in a place to understand from your own experience what women are trying to communicate with that whole bear thing. Next step would be to try to have an empathic connection instead of a defensive one. The anger and frustration are not directed at you as an individual but are an expression of experiences, those nuances are often lost in online, non personal communication. What helps is to have more personal communication, better in an offline environment.

  • About the bear...
  • At least for me the question is how to talk to people who don't want to listen. And the easiest answer is obviously not to, but that does not work in long term since it just enforces the existing echo chambers.

  • About the bear...
  • Made me realize (hyperbole) how literal people are, how ready some are to dig their heels in and not interested in listening at all. If one ever had a conversation with a women (hyperbole), the unsafe feeling is something that comes up pretty often (I guess the women has to feel safe around you - so maybe there is that) and is sadly based on personal negative experiences they had.

  • Computer science culture often means anybody’s data is fair game to feed the AI algorithm – but artists are fighting back
  • That battles can only be fought and won on legislative level. Unfortunately visual artist are bad at organizing in anything union like - so it's unlikely they will generate enough political pressure. On the other hand big holder of copyrighted material like Disney, will apply pressure on politics but I'm not sure this will benefit smaller independent creators.

  • Scientists push new paradigm of animal consciousness, saying even insects may be sentient
  • Came around to read the paper. Indeed very interesting - also not suited to base broader conclusions about coinciosness in insects in my opinion, the idea that culture might be supported by much simpler neuronal mechanisms is fascinating to me. Very speculative it might very well be than that even coinciosness can emerge in less complex systems then previously thought. Also bumblebees are even more dope than I previously thought. Great read thanks.

  • The Biggest Deepfake Porn Website Is Now Blocked in the UK
  • Still here?

    Doubt you will ever know what an appeal emotional logical fallacy is.

    Again, we are talking about empathy and you clearly show that you don't get it. Which was my point to begin with. Sorry mate to be the one bringing you the news.

  • The Biggest Deepfake Porn Website Is Now Blocked in the UK
  • Dude, I thought you left?

    Your probably claiming others would use said artwork to hurt people.

    Again if you would have empathy you could just listen to people, what and how they are hurt by deepfakes and understand what the problem is. Since you don't have empathy, nothing I will tell you would make any sense for you.

  • The Biggest Deepfake Porn Website Is Now Blocked in the UK
  • Sure, what ever helps you masturbate. But again - you can also have empathy with people who it has an effect on, listen to why and how and masturbate to all the other porn out there. But you wont since you lack basic empathy or maybe the whole hurting people is what gets you off in the first place. Not judging.