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  • EDIT: Issue is fixed now, thank you.

    I'm not sure anything from this instance is federating anywhere since this change.

    Looking at activitypub, attempting to subscribe to something gets no reply (the screenshot below shows me trying with 3 different communities, followed by what's expected to happen with a random community on another 0.19 instance)

    Looking at an active community (like [email protected]), there's been 6 posts in the past 2 days that aren't showing up anywhere else (at /c/[email protected])

  • Trending Communities for Thursday 7th December 2023
  • Ah. I'm guessing that this instance has now made the same change as - counting 'active users' as people who post, comment or vote, not just those who post or comment.

    Stats will be a bit crazy for a few days, as the 7-day average will include the massive 1-day increases (e.g. [email protected] went from 46 active users to 1569) but they'll normalise from about the 12th December.

  • Hello everyone! Let's discuss how to grow our community [META]
  • Re: trending communities, if a link gives you this error:

    The server returned this error: FetchError: invalid json response body at http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/post/list? This may be useful for admins and developers to diagnose and fix the error

    that's just a timeout that's usually resolved by a refresh. It'll happen more often with links from that list than elsewhere, because it's more likely to provide links that no-one else on has visited before.

    I just had a click around on the latest post, and that was the only error I got. If it's not that though, please leave a comment. I'm on the same instance as you, so can investigate what the problem might be, and it's my bot, so can try to fix it if need be.

  • Hello everyone! Let's discuss how to grow our community [META]
  • I created an account here and a couple of communities, but it was sort of by accident that I'm here. At the time, join-lemmy referred to the Awesome Instances GitHub page, and that recommended, and said don't overthink it, so I didn't. If I had thought about it more, I would've joined up to I suppose (although that's the instance that people are now concerned about now, ironically enough).

    But given the .nl domain, maybe should just be a place for people to talk to one another in languages (other than English) that are popular in The Netherlands. For the focus to generally be specific to one location, and for Communities that other instances in the Fediverse don't provide. (sort of like what I imagine does for the people of Italy).

    I'm fairly active on Lemmy (from accounts on and, but the content I really want to create is animated in some form - as a gif or a webp file. My efforts in this are being stymied by Lemmy, as it seems utterly determined to wreck them, either by half-arsing an unwanted transcode, or re-compressing something that's already compressed. So, similar to others in this thread, but for completely different reasons, I'm waiting for the software itself to mature before I can fully unleash my genius on the world.

    As for frontends, I've started using photon at It's really nice, especially for the aforementioned animated stuff. I've even started using for browsing on my phone too. (There's also Tesseract, a fork of photon that I've only seen at db0 and, but would like to play with.)

  • This gif goes up to 11

    (11 frames per second, I mean.)

    Click here if it's blank or static - broke it when federating it in.

    Sometimes, it's advisable to just smile and nod
  • Have found it impossible to upload this file directly to Lemmy. It's already a compressed WEBP file, but whatever settings I use, Lemmy insists on copying it and compressing it further, until there's only about 5 pixels left. So the only options left are for the post to be a link to the external url, or for it to look like a comment post, but with an inline image squashed inside. Neither are ideal.

    EDIT: My experience with Lemmy:

    EDIT 2: Now have something a bit more acceptable, loaded directly to Lemmy.
    Lemmy always seems to compress WEBP at 75% - I uploaded an image, it compressed it, I downloaded Lemmy's version and re-up'd that, and it compressed it again. Presumably I could do this forever.

    So, I created the original WEBP using the 'lossless' setting (it was about 2.5MB), uploaded that and let Lemmy convert it, and now it doesn't look too bad. The only thing is I had to use the version I tested at, 'cos got confused by the transparent frames. So the trick seems to be: upload the least efficient version imaginable

  • Basic Lemmy API login script
  • Ooops. I tested it before I posted, and the reason it worked is because it turns out that authentication isn't needed for that query.

    I've edited the comment now, and there only being one part means that there's no need for an ampersand, so there's no probs with special characters.

  • Basic Lemmy API login script
  • Hi. I've found the best place to test the api is here

    Example script for making a post

    name="TITLE OF POST"
    body="BODY OF POST"
    create() {
            curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "$json_data" "$url"

    You'll need to get your instance's for the community you want to post to. To use this community as an example, it would be:

    resolve() {
            curl "$url"

    (lemmy will probably sanitise the ampersand in that query, so you'll have to replace the HTML with a literal ampersand)

  • Test freamon

    Testing Re-Federation with

    Is the drama over?

    Oh, I think so
  • I wasn't trying to give you a hard time about it - I was just providing a alternative version of this meme (that was posted here a while back) with a jokey bit of text.

    For clarity though: you're not forbidden from reposting memes from other sites. Original content is preferred, but none of us can deny the popularity of the classic stuff. There might be some guidelines coming about them, and when/if we get flairs, we'll ask for them to be tagged, but that's about it.

  • The rule of two started with a Sith from the mines; but when push comes to shove
  • Hey there OP with the OC, thanks for playing along with today's theme. If you ever have any other suggestions for a Wednesday Theme, please feel free to get in touch (typically with me, RHO, or WhoRoger). So far, we've had Droids, Aliens, Pirates, Expanded Universe, D+ TV, and Rhymes. Things will cycle around of course, but if there's anything else you want to dedicate a day too, we'll do what we can (by which I just mean: create a sticky; have a crack at it myself; and hope someone else does too, but it's something, at least)

  • Wednesday is Poetry Day. Your Best Rhyming Memes Please

    For Wednesday’s Theme A Rhyming Meme Would be Preferred As Surely You’ve Heard? The Best Films of Our Time Are Like Poetry, They Rhyme

    The more tortuous the better, please. I’ll post some examples in the comments as “inspiration”


    Wednesday is Space Pirates Day. Criminal memes preferred

    The Empire acts in our best interests, and tries to prevent run-ins with these unseemly types. Perhaps you can help, with your best memes celebrating the bounty hunters who pursue them, or the Hutts who imprison them. Or maybe just find ways to highlight what scumbags Han Solo, Hondo Ohnaka and their ilk really are.

    Thank you for your service.


    i now have to dismiss this prompt after every comment?

    I'm just chatting shit on the Internet, I'm not emailing my boss


    Trending Communities

    A bot-driven site, providing a daily list of Communities trending across the LemmyVerse, determined by growth in subscribers.

    Some people have already discovered it (meaning it's currently featuring on its own list!), but I always intended to post on here once the bot had been running for a few days. Now that it has, it can average daily growth over the previous days, to better highlight consistent growth (vs. a random spurt in popularity).

    It's early days, but I think it's already illustrating some interesting things: e.g. the popularity of table-top RPGs on Lemmy, the kick that "Accidental Renaissance" got from Reddit migrants, or how the sudden investment in "Antiques Memes Roadshow" threatened to break the "All" feed. There's also appearances from Communities that featured here, so it'll be intriguing to see if the likes of "Deal Malls" can stay on the list (tune in tomorrow to find out ...).

    There's also a "NSFW" version (see the link in the sidebar), and a post to discuss suggestions for improving the algorithm and how the results are displayed.

    Link 1: Trending Communities Link 2: [email protected]