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Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • My entire job is using Scala, Rust, and Haskell, and I can guarantee that you have no fuckin idea what you're on about. Like what even is that supposed to mean lmfao, you think monads will save your capitalism? Will you utilize lazy iterators to destroy the left wing? Did you just want to sound intellectual by using a random math term?

  • Capitalism and fascism
  • I was gonna disagree, but I couldn't actually think of a functioning stateless ideology which allows private property. Anarchism is inherently for abolishing private property, so that's out already. That mostly just leaves you with "anarcho-"capitalism which is just replacing the government with an ultra-capitalist power structure and decimating social mobility, it's just an undemocratic state but shittier...

  • Sanders: Supreme Court Is “Out of Control” and Must Be Reformed
  • Why would we have a PM? We already have the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader. And the PM wouldn't be able to exercise any executive powers unless you burned the constitution, because separation of powers.

    There's not really a good reason to adopt a parliamentary system like the UK's for example if we were to completely reform the government imo. Or to have a PM separate from the president at all.

  • Average US presidential debate
  • Shoot them

    We're allowed to kill Abe Lincoln and JFK, why aren't we allowed to kill these guys? Why does Reagan get plot armor out of all the presidents? Who wrote this shit?

    To be fair JFK getting shot was pretty epic though. He almost caused nuclear holocaust (although a more rabidly anti-communist president may have definitely caused nuclear holocaust), war crimed the South Vietnamese a ton, and stabilized Israel. RFK getting assassinated was less epic because that gave us Nixon

  • goddamnit
  • I have plenty of WEBP and every image editing/viewing application I have installed can use it fine. Including, but not limited to:

    pdn, GIMP, Krita, Aseprite, InkScape, OpenToonz, IrfanView

    I think Apple users have issues with Webm & Webp? But the issue here is using Apple products in the first place. Losing 90% of basic functionality is what you expect when using one of those.

  • Checkmate Valve
  • They are the strongest DRM on the market.

    LMAO you have got to be shitting me. It is the bare minimum for DRM, it's weak as fuck and games protected by Steamworks DRM are cracked almost immediately by casuals

  • I just cited myself.
  • Lol what? How did you conclude that if 9x = 5 then x = 1? Surely you didn't pass algebra in high school, otherwise you could see that getting x from 9x = 5 requires dividing both sides by 9, which yields x = 5/9, i.e. 0.555... = 5/9 since x = 0.555....

    Also, you shouldn't just use uppercase X in place of lowercase x or vice versa. Case is usually significant for variable names.

  • I just cited myself.
  • Pi isn't a fraction (in the sense of a rational fraction, an algebraic fraction where the numerator and denominator are both polynomials, like a ratio of 2 integers) – it's an irrational number, i.e. a number with no fractional form; as opposed to rational numbers, which are defined as being able to be expressed as a fraction. Furthermore, π is a transcendental number, meaning it's never a solution to f(x) = 0, where f(x) is a non-zero finite-degree polynomial expression with rational coefficients. That's like, literally part of the definition. They cannot be compared to rational numbers like fractions.

    Every rational number (and therefore every fraction) can be expressed using either repeating decimals or terminating decimals. Contrastly, irrational numbers only have decimal expansions which are both non-repeating and non-terminating.

    Since |r|<1 → ∑[n=1, ∞] arⁿ = ar/(1-r), and 0.999... is equivalent to that sum with a = 9 and r = 1/10 (visually, 0.999... = 9(0.1) + 9(0.01) + 9(0.001) + ...), it's easy to see after plugging in, 0.999... = ∑[n=1, ∞] 9(1/10)ⁿ = 9(1/10) / (1 - 1/10) = 0.9/0.9 = 1). This was a proof present in Euler's Elements of Algebra.

  • That’ll be Why the Median is Barely Over 40
  • ADHD superpowers? My ADHD superpower is staying up (against my will) for 2 days straight half-alive before an important event, but not being able to stay awake past 3 pm when I need to be somewhere at 5 pm. And any amount of sleep/napping below 7 hours somehow making me more tired than I was before

  • Well-Known Anti-Gay “Conversion” Therapist Comes Out As Gay
  • People bias their own experiences and wrongly assume that most people have similiar thoughts and feelings.

    (Neuro)typical people and narcissists thinking everyone experiences life like them 🤝 people with an undiagnosed disability thinking typical people experience the same exact hardships they do and being self-deprecating over it

  • Just a reminder
  • Pushing for voting for other parties in most of the US gets you nowhere because of the way our elections work in the first place. At least, outside of elections where parties (and policy in general) barely matter at all, like very small municipalities; but generally unless you get the entire city council and judicial system in that town/county progressive it's pretty hard for small-town politicians to make much meaningful change anyways. Although it's not impossible – recently an "independent" (I think Republican but idk) city council member I directly voiced my concerns to right before the election about the lack of investment in sidewalks, public transport, and other non-car infrastructure in our small extremely conservative town actually got some sidewalks built which was great.

    With the state level, though, it's not coming unless you live in a state with some sort of multiple answer voting like RCV (like Instant-Runoff Voting / IRV), approval voting, cardinal/rated voting (like STAR voting or score/range voting, etc.. Or if you live an extremely progressive state where candidates that advocate for that kind of system are able to get voted into office, almost always a Democrat or sometimes an Independent aligned with Democrats.

    IMO the ideal voting system would be Condorcet Single Transferable Vote / CPO-STV (same exact thing as STV to the voter, but implementing a variation of the Condorcet Method under the hood, which would be the most proportional system in both multi-winner and single-winner elections) but I don't think that's actually used anywhere, and a system with such computationally heavy internals would be a hard sell to people who already see IRV as "controversial". As long as we get anything other than FPTP, we can make it better later, the specifics don't matter too much.

    For the curious, STV (Single Transferable Vote) is essentially the same as IRV (Instant-Runoff Voting, known simply as ranked-choice in the US although there are other ranked-choice systems) except it's multi-winner instead of single-winner, where you can "rank" multiple candidates, and if your first choice candidate is eleminated or if they have surplus votes, your vote is instead "transferred" to your second candidate. The Condorcet system is basically a voting system that takes into account every possible candidate match-up, and makes the winner whoever has the most votes in each individual match-up – it's very computationally heavy since, especially in elections with many candidates and in multi-winner variations, you can have extremely large amounts of matchups. You can combine STV with the Condorcet method and get CPO-STV, which would theoretically be the system which would be the hardest game/"tactically" vote in (a.k.a. people wouldn't have any incentive to vote against a candidate they like in order to make a different candidate more likely to win, thereby increasing the chance of a candidate they don't prefer winning) and achieve the most proportional/happiest-choice voting.

  • Bought a new pack of a hair product which now uses 6% less natural ingredients and is no longer vegan
  • The American spelling "matte" probably comes from the spelling "mate" derived from French "mate", and doubling the "t" to differentiate it from "mate". The British spelling "matt" was probably primarily influenced by the German word "Matt" considering the UK tended to have more German influence.

    Alternatively, either (or both) may be an etymological spelling from Latin "mattus" (which means "drunk" but likely became a word for "pale" in French).

    While I am a linguist, I only deduced this from a bit of Googling and a lot of speculating, so don't take my word for it...

  • True continent sizes
  • Also what Europe if every people group with a unintelligible dialect had a nation.

    Papua New Guinea/Indonesia and Africa have like a thousand to a two thousand languages each, I think it'd be funnier doing that with them

  • What GUI library do you use for apps on Windows? What GUI library do you use for apps on Windows? - Lemmy.World

    I find that a lot of libraries tend to be Linux-focused and generally kind of ugly on Windows, so what do you use when you want to make something that looks nice and performs well on Windows? The best looking ones I’ve seen were web frontends like in Tauri. A runner up would maybe be iced-rs. Which ...

    I find that a lot of libraries tend to be Linux-focused and generally kind of ugly on Windows, so what do you use when you want to make something that looks nice and performs well on Windows?

    The best looking ones I've seen were web frontends like in Tauri. A runner up would maybe be iced-rs. Which is a shame because I really wanted to use relm or fltk-rs but it looks like I'd almost have to use the web renderer to get "sleek, sexy" GUIs...


    How to automatically view All/stop it from resetting

    I don't have any subscriptions so I want to know how to automatically view All, or to make it so it doesn't reset back to viewing your personal feed when you exit a post. Because that behaviour gets pretty annoying