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yo yo yo I've been busy as fuck but summers almost here so I can get back to this whole shebang. Weekly posts soon maybe 👀👀

(also check out my new website pls I spent a lot of time on it!!

Researchers unlock fiber optic connection 1.2 million times faster than broadband
  • I hate Comcast as much as the next guy but I feel like 1.5TB a month would be reasonable. Even at those speeds you probably wouldn't be downloading more, just downloading whatever you do now but faster.

    E: I was gonna ask why this was so controversial but I just checked my routers stats and, oh yeah I've only downloaded around half a terabyte over 3 segregated VLANs in the past 2 months. I've uploaded almost double that which is baffling to me though. Even still I don't see why anyone would be downloading anything more that a terabyte in a month unless your one of those data hoarders, which fair but.. I'll stop my rambling.

  • I see your Termux server and raise you my iPhone - Self Post
  • I have been looking for an alternative recently, I was going to publish an article about why I dropped disqus and my search for an alternative but I never saw this. I guess the search term "self-hosted website comments" has all its SEO clogged up with Disqus by now. Will check this out though, thanks!

  • I see your Termux server and raise you my iPhone - Self Post FloridaMan7588

    FloridaMan's Personal Website built with Next.js and React

    Saw this post the other day and was inspired to make something slightly more stupid, plus it gave me an excuse to work on my website, lol

    don't drink and drive

    born of an inside-ish joke with my friends, this is not real NHTSA propaganda please don't drink and drive 😭

    don't drink and drule

    born of an inside-ish joke with my friends, this is not real NHTSA propaganda please don't drink and drive 😭

    What's your favorite terminal?
  • As much as I hate Windows, Microsoft etc, I also have grown to like the Windows Terminal. Kitty is my true favorite but Windows Terminal is a close second due to the tight integration with WSL and Microsoft's cloud stuff as well as theme support and some other things.

  • Bye bye??

    Idk what to call this, I've been really inactive recently here and really, really don't want to close this place or anything but my mental health has been degrading severely over the past couple weeks and months and so I am probably going to end up not being able to access this place for a bit. I just want everyone here that's supported this place and myself to know that I love you all, and I was so happy to have this small community.

    Stay safe everyone out there <3

    hello again!!!

    haiiii :3 im bacc, my motivation is restored a bit. Still not in a great place but am doing better, thx for the support while I was gone >w<

    er might not post for a while

    im not doing amazing rn so probably no femboyposting for a week or two from me. will have to see but probably not. see y'all around or whenever im back

    spooky season type beat

    happy (early) Halloween all, be careful out there, you never know what's around the next corner 👻

    Can.. can i make femboy hooters jokes?

    like genuinely im not old enough for this shi, is the internet just fucked up enough and this is fine or what, like im not old enough to work at hooters lmfao

    time to start femboy posting :3

    just gonna spam this place a bit so there's some content qwq

    omg haiiiii :3

    whats up everyone! i'm floridaman but u can call me kay, ive been a femboy for a few years (im 15 now qwq) but just recently discovered the fediverse after the mass exodus from the alien site. im a big nerd (i use arch btw) and host a few of my own websites and some for a couple businesses. i wasnt rlly active on femboy reddit but i was sad to see there wasnt a lot of carry-over from there to here because i still liked the content for inspiration. i decided to just make the community here cause nobody else probably will >w< anyways ill try to post here and moderate it as much as i can but if u are a teen femboy feel free to post as well!!! if u wanna help moderate this community pls leave a comment with ur discord so i can verify your identity cause ion want no creeps modding here xD okay im gonna go, byeeeee


    Anybody out there? Teenagers of the Fediverse, fellow nerds? Hello?

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