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Republican Congresswoman Greene launches effort to oust Johnson following passage of Ukraine aid
  • I haven't heard anyone caring. The people who would be upset are busy with culture war screeching. I think the Biden admin did something very astute by upending Trump's entire social policy within the last month - it gives a bunch of left leaning groups a win to attribute to him, and it pulled focus from these folks who can't seem to maintain their anger at any one thing for more than a week.

    Everyone I know who watches politics from the right is up in arms over the title ix stuff. None of them are paying attention to Congress right now.

  • We're hiring! We need a Traffic Maintenance Worker I.
  • In addition to this, poverty levels were set like 80 years ago based on the cost of food alone. They took an "average" grocery order, made up, and used a set percentage to extrapolate out. So say the recommendation is 30% of your income on food and then average spend was $100 ->100/0.3= $333.

    So while the levels haven't been updated in a long time, simultaneously we've added whole sectors of the economy that weren't envisioned when this calculation was performed. Transportation and education are huge expenses that used to be much cheaper or nearly free. Add to that the fact that housing, transportation, education, and medical costs have skyrocketed above average inflation, and the poverty numbers are worse than meaningless.

  • Why some far-right Republicans are hell bent on ending further aid to Ukraine
  • People will seriously scream that you can't assume malice when stupidity explains it, but at the same time we have Occam's razor - the simplest explanation is usually correct.

    And if these people were stupid, sometimes they'd benefit the American people and harm Russian oligarchs. But the evidence shows close to 0 help for Americans, and every action they take aids or provides cover for kleptocrats here and abroad. The simplest explanation is that this is their intention.

  • What World Central Kitchen does and why the attack that killed 7 volunteers in Gaza matters
  • Which was probably the point. Israel said that it was "unintentional" but they've consistently bombed areas where they knew refugee operations were underway. This isn't the first time, nor will it be the last, and aid organizations aren't stupid. This will have a chilling effect on relief, and I can't help but cynically believe that this was absolutely intentional.

  • US: Russia attacked Ukraine with North Korean missiles at least 10 times
  • There's a great book called The Dictator's handbook that explains why the Russian oligarchs couldn't give less of a damn. There's a YouTube video called Rules for Rulers that does a good recap of it, and the overall political theory behind all of it is Selectorate theory.

    The long and the short is that as long as resources are available to the elite, and as long as they have enough to keep their underlings satisfied, the only time you have real unrest is when the dissatisfication from the bottom outweighs the resource allocation from the top.

    Which they've done a good job of preventing by keeping the populous off balance and unable to organize.

  • Mike Johnson Completely Blindsided by Resignation in His Own Party
  • This. At the end of the day, these people treat the Republican party like their primary religion. They will say whatever keeps eyes off them so they can do stuff without criticism, but once they're in the ballot box, it's going to be really hard for them to leave that spot blank, let alone to vote for Biden.

  • Live Updates: Trump Prevails in Supreme Court Challenge to His Eligibility
  • Ding ding ding.

    It's one thing to say that this is a federal issue and must be handled by a federal court, but if states can't decide who is on their ballot in this instance, what authority allows them to do so ever? Different states have different rules with regards to which candidates and how they get on the ballot.

    Federal elections should not be run by States if States are going to be limited seemingly at random on what they can and can't enforce. What happens if a 20 year old runs for president? Are states allowed to say no to that because it's in the Constitution, or would Congress need to clarify that as well?

  • Scientists in China may have just reinvented the toilet bowl

    A group of scientists in China have created an ultra-slippery toilet bowl that can repel almost any type of liquids or solids.

    Scientists in China may have just reinvented the toilet bowl

    My best buddy