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don't trust anyone who paid for twitter

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Gemini is the new Google+
  • The more I use ChatGPT and the like, the more I realize "the old ways" is usually just faster and easier. At best, I might use it to point me in the right direction instead. Which is very helpful, but it's nowhere near good enough to be a replacement for most of its applications.

    I know the article is about Gemini but people are realizing that AI isn't replacing anything any time soon way faster than the people making it.

  • [Playstation Lifestyle] Final Fantasy 9 Is Real But There’s No FF10 Remake, Says Reliable Leaker
  • Hmm I don't know, Final Fantasy 9 just seems like a weird dream we all had. They just released Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth a few months ago. Why would they jump straight to 9? Square Enix has some stupid names but I doubt they're THAT stupid.

  • cheugy af
  • Oh good. Always thought rizz was stupid because it sounds too close to jizz.

  • Its all coming together
  • Knowing this site I thought you just put Linux on all of them until I actually looked at the picture

  • me🖥️irl
  • Me when someone makes a four hour video about Mario 64 invisible walls

  • Here’s how the makers of the “Suyu” Switch emulator plan to avoid getting sued
  • Nuzu was a pretty good name even if it's already dead

  • What if we added a social component like "Stories" to this calculator app?
  • A feature so useless that I use VS Code almost daily and had no idea this existed

  • Fake Joe Biden Robocall Tells New Hampshire Voters He Took A Paternity Test And He’s Their Dad
  • I swear reality is getting so weird that I didn't realize this was satire

  • Programming: The Horror Game
  • This should be considered a war crime

  • Tru
  • I've been noticing that the number of discussions on the internet have been going down lately. Although maybe it's just me using social media less? lol

  • Searching for music
  • Even worse when the song doesn't have lyrics

  • 💾󠁿󠁿
  • Now we gotta do this with Windows 11.

  • I think my code will be OK...
  • Yeah but I'll be dead so not my problem lmao

  • US kids want games subscriptions and virtual currency more than games this Christmas
  • Everyone's wondering where we went wrong as a society but honestly a year of game pass during a time of my life where I didn't get new games very often sounds way better than getting like three games for Christmas.

  • I’m playing Metroid Prime 2 and am a little stressed about the ammo. Would using an infinite ammo cheat ruin the game?
  • It sounds stressful but it really isn't. Just destroy random crates/dark plant things with the dark/light beam and you'll have basically all the ammo you need.

  • Every time a kid throws a tantrum
  • Wait, this is AI? (looks at hands) oh goddammit

  • This is literally the internet nowadays without an adblock
  • People actually CLICK on ads???? Genuinely never had even an iota of desire to do that. I forgot it was even an option.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Don't trust anyone who paid for Discord

  • Life is hard
  • Second picture would be a sick Pokemon design

  • minesweeper rule