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It would be a living nightmare
  • To be fair, monster hunter goes buck fucking wild with calamities though.

    "Hey hunter, rumor has it, your next target is either the devil sent to destroy the world, or possibly the mother of all creation. Here's some whetstones!"

    "Sup hunter. Got a volcano on our hands. Do us a favor and kill it, would you? Don't forget your lucky cape."

    "Oh hey! Hope you don't mind a little wind, cause your next quest is to kill the god of hurricanes! Best to take a quick dip in the sauna before you go."

    "Hunter, how's it going? I know this week's been pretty crazy with the rogue fighter jet and the giant mech suit you killed already, but if you could just do me a solid and jump into that ominous pit and kill death itself for me, that'd be very cool of you. The chef made a nice fondue for you before you head out!"

  • Today, it has been 6 years since The Elder Scrolls 6 teaser
  • but all of us know that it’s just not gonna happen.

    Certainly not by Bethesda, but in truly typical fashion, Bethesda games are are held together and made fun by modders (and sometimes, even fully built, as is the case with Enderal). Only trouble is that can take a wild and/or completely unknown amount of time.

  • no really how do we fix this?

    Just double checked the email confirmation from when I bought it in 2016. Most recent xpadder version is 2024.05.01.

    Also if you're looking for controller remapping software (and you're on windows OS), check out DS4Windows. Contrary to the name, it works for most brands of controller, and it's got a lot of stuff that xpadder doesn't.

    I landed on it for the better control stick adjusting (you can change dead zone/max zone, and also sensitivity curve). I stuck with it because it can use an emulated controller while hiding the actual controller from programs and games (which solves any double input jank from shit like steam).

    Also it can also map gyro controls to mouse input, which is real neat for essentially using my joycons as a remote for my pc, and the occasion where splatoon style gyro aiming fits in games without being too barfy.

  • My most powerful huntress build so far
  • I realize this comment is out of place, but I was mindlessly scrolling and saw this post with no idea what this game is (this is partly an open reminder to myself to check this game out more). Here's the Wikipedia article for it for anyone else who stumbles here like I did, but I'd love if people who play it could tell me about it. Looks like a neat game.

  • IRS makes free tax return program permanent and is asking all states to join in 2025. This could deal a massive blow to private tax filing services such as TurboTax
  • Said it before and I'll say it again: It's crazy to me that tone centric fonts never happened. Tone is wildly important in all language, but there's basically no good way to convey tone via text without stating the tone like some Newspeak shit. Meanwhile, we have all these rad fonts just hanging out on the proverbial bench, going totally unused, but I'm cursed to see and use exclusively good Times New Roman, plusgood Helvetica, and doubleplusgood Arial. Literally 1984.

    /hyperbole (but I really do think it would be a fun idea and I demand a hyperbole font).

  • Autism rule
  • I agree that it's prejudice* against neurodivergence, but I just wanted to let you know that using the term 'retarded' as a synonym for 'bad or otherwise negative' is also prejudice against people with very real disabilities involving retardation.

  • Autism rule
  • Trivializing is taking very real and major struggles that certain humans experience to much greater degree than others and pretending it has the same gravity as minor annoyances that a wide range of people experience.

    If your comment is a joke or otherwise intended to be lighthearted, I apologize, but people saying in earnest what you said is a pretty major pet peeve of mine.

    Real "Chronic depression doesn't exist because everyone feels sad sometimes" energy.