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Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs
  • By charging 3% instead of 30%? Do you really think their servers cost $8.5b? Does the work to distribute a game and process payment equal 30% of the labor required to make a game?

    A more advanced answer would be a cost plus profit model, so if it costs Valve $1 to transfer 1TB of data transfer (in terms of server costs), then charge $1.10 for 1TB. That's obviously very difficult to calculate though I bet Valve has some internal metric of costs.

    Valve today does the exact thing Unity was trying to do, charging a percent of revenue for providing infrastructure. Unity got raked over the coals for it.

  • Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs
  • Me: "Rent seeking is an illegitimate practice, landlords steal money from laborers by extorting them for a necessary good!"

    You: "Oh yeah? Why don't you just buy your own land and build your own apartment building?"

    You're a dumbass.

  • Checkmate Valve
  • Why would you trust steam? Valve famously invented lootboxes and tried to do the NFT market thing before NFTs were big. They are the strongest DRM on the market. What makes you think they're not just as greedy?

  • This is Fine Rule
  • Can someone explain why antibiotics are used in the meat industry? Are lots of animals dying to bacterial infections so they need antibiotics to aid the yield, or are antibiotics incidentally also growth hormones, or something else? Always been curious

  • Like getting 9 women pregnant and expecting a baby in 1 month
  • I mean no, but also... yes? Like having a one person dev team is a little ridiculous for a game selling as well as Manor Lords. 50 people is a lot, but do you really think the game would have less features a year from now if the dev hired like 3 people to help?

    Obviously development would slow down in the short term, but a one person dev team is asking for disaster

  • Exclusive: Bernie Sanders worries young people are underestimating the threat from Trump
  • The thing is: Biden is pro-Israel but also pro-Palestinians. He's providing aid to Gazans and pressuring Israel to minimize civilian casualties. It's not great, or even good, I agree - but it's a whole lot better than Trump who would be pro-Israel and anti-Palestinians. You'd see humanitarian aid end and the US support total war instead of the (slightly) restrained version we're seeing now.

  • Police clear pro-Palestinian protesters from Columbia University while clashes break out at UCLA
  • "Violence" is not an actor, violence does not "break out". It's a phrase used to hide the actors who instigated the violence, either due to a lack of knowledge or due to willful obfuscation. We have videos of what happened, so we know which it is.

  • Disable thumbnails?

    Is there a way to completely disable thumbnails? They show up even in dense mode.