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Lower surgery big update!
  • I was in the hospital for 5 days and 2 weeks in a nursing facility. Pain spikes lasted 6 days as nerves reconnected. That was the plan from the beginning with the hospital and insurance.

  • Dog attack: 6-week-old Ezra Mansoor dies after Husky attacks sleeping newborn
  • Up to a point, I'm not going to be a helicopter mom and not let my kid be constantly under surveillance. Like I'm going to see how and teach my kid as I have already done how to interact with animals. I let her get scratched by a farm cat as I told her to leave it alone and it was done with pets. She now teaches other kids how to handle animals, be gentle, and understand body language. On the other side, with my great Dane mix I introduced him to my kid and let him know she was fragile from the hospital. He has only hurt her once and that was because she went outside by herself when I told her not to(I was showing )and played ball with him. Was running with the ball and he knocked her down. She learned 2 lessons, to not go outside without me being ready and to not run with the ball.

    I grew up with my moms friend that raised mastiffs and I would explore the open land she had with 6-10 giant dogs from 3rd to 5th grade unsupervised. Just go to her house after school and feed/play with the dogs until my mom came after work. Now I'm not some boomer saying back in my day, but coming from a millennial seeing adults of helicopter parents struggle with being on their own.

    And there is a difference between a kid and a babie, my first comment was more directed at them saying anything with free will, other than a human. Not like humans are any better. I trust an unknown dog over a human, I can read them better and react accordingly.

  • Transgender teen attempts self-mastectomy before pool party
  • Yeah, 12 months lived in experience, 2 therapist letters (one had to have a PhD), and one primary letter to get me bottom surgery. Also they wouldn't even do the consultation before I get all that done so it was almost another year after that.

  • Pad use
  • Yeah my doctor did it once, then instructed me how to do it. I did it twice at home and sent pictures each time. He said if I still see remaining tissue that I can do it once a week. I have a 100 stick tube of them minus the 4 I used. Been putting it off using them again as I don't want to have sex after I use them. I'll let my bf know after tonight I'll start again.

  • Pad use

    I saw a post on Reddit but don't have an account anymore. They gave a pad to a cis lady that asked for one and was asked why they had one.

    My question for post op people. Do you use a pad or have discharge? I wear a liner everyday. I don't have much on it after the whole day but it's still something that I don't want on my underwear. Maybe I need to do the silver nitrate stuff again on the bit of granulation skin?