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We could be about to get some Light No Fire news!

Sean Murray traditionally teases No Man's Sky news with a single emoji tweet, but he's also used the "world" emoji in posts about Light No Fire's open world.

Keep your eyes open for potential news in the next few days!

  • The comic is utter bullshit.

    Flip the man and the woman and change the text to "Can you come back? A lightbulb needs changing" and you've got sexism, but this is supposed to be funny because dads are bad?

  • Loyalty to the flag
  • I'm from the UK, my wife is from Singapore, and our son was born in the US. I really don't think it's appropriate to force him to pledge allegiance to the US, because he has strong ties to other countries. It feels like brainwashing.

  • noplace, a mashup of Twitter and Myspace for Gen Z, hits No. 1 on the App Store
  • It sounds to me like the usage data is talking about the fact that every major web browser sends identifying information about the browser, device, etc. when you visit any site.

    For an app, they're likely getting data from Google Play or the App Store for crashes, installs, comments, whether they like it or not.

    People don't often accuse me of being an optimist.

  • Verstappen hit with further penalty by Austrian GP stewards
  • For the Lap 64 contact that put Norris out of the race and demoted Verstappen to fifth after punctures, the stewards handed the world champion a 10-second time penalty.

    It did not drop him from fifth however, as he was well ahead of the Haas of Nico Hulkenberg.

    However, the stewards have also decided to award Verstappen two penalty points on his super-licence, bringing his total for the 12 month period to four, with 12 needed for ban.

  • Mozilla roll out first AI features in Firefox Nightly
  • Let me just quote the top of this thread.

    people please actually read the article not the headline; this is literally about accessibility improvements for blind and visually impaired people for generating alt text inside of documents and pdfs.

    It doesn't just read the page to them, which is a solved problem, it generates descriptions when they're missing, making the web more accessible.

  • Twitch banned Dr Disrespect after viewing messages sent to a minor, say former employees
  • I hadn't seen the post on Twitter, I don't use Twitter. Looks like he posted that about an hour before I commented, so it's not like you'd expect everyone in the world to have seen it.

    Having read it I've obviously got new information and can update my opinion accordingly.

    To be clear, though, he hadn't made this statement until today, and so everyone until now was acting based on hearsay, not proof.

    Were there twitch whisper messages with an individual minor back in 2017? The answer is yes. Were there real intentions behind these messages, the answer is absolutely not. These were casual, mutual conversations that sometimes leaned too much in the direction of being inappropriate, but nothing more.


  • I think about this game all the time

    Just a little informal post to say I think about this game all the time at the moment. I know I shouldn't say it, but I miss the hype of No Man's Sky pre-launch. The podcasts, the Reddit threads, etc.

    I just want some news, ideally a release date!


    I made it to the galaxy's center in permadeath!

    I just wanted to make this little post to say that after losing my previous permadeath save after 12 hours, I persisted, and made it to the center on my second attempt.

    I kind of cheesed it though, thanks to the teleporter on the anomaly, and a guy named Jeff Pesos who happened to have a base one hop away from the galaxy's center.

    I did manage to do this on the Playstation many years ago, but I recently got back into the game on PC and wanted to 100% it.

    Anyway, that's it, thanks Jeff Pesos!


    Taskmaster's Birthday

    Several months ago there was a QR code on an episode that led to the linked website.

    Today's finally the day it says yes!

    Daddit - Parenting for Dads essteeyou

    Threat of violence emailed to schools, do you keep your kid at home?

    Hey dads, my wife and I got an email from the school district this morning saying that someone had emailed threats of violence to a lot of schools in my county.

    They said there will be a police presence at all schools, and they don't think the threats are serious.

    My wife and I are keeping our son (6) at home today because we're just not willing to take that risk. Are we being overly cautious given what the police say? What would you do?

    Edit: Here's an article about the threat that I just saw. Seems like it really was a stupid hoax.

    No More Jockeys essteeyou

    Game 8 [07.03.22] - No More Jockeys with Alex Horse, Tim Key + Mark Watson

    No More Jockeys essteeyou

    [New Upload] Live Game 7 from 2022

    No More Jockeys essteeyou

    A 2021 training game just got uploaded on YouTube


    I caught my first fish in about 30 years today

    I used to fish a little bit as a child with my great-grandfather's incredibly heavy rod. I stopped fishing as I got older and then picked it up a little bit back in September.

    I've been fishing for around 6 days (several of them were full 8-hour days) and I finally caught a fish this morning!

    I'm so glad to know I'm not doing it all wrong.


    What species would you like to play as?

    Of the species seen in the game so far, which one would you like to play as? Do you think it'll be possible?

    I'll go first and say that I think it would be cool to play as a skeleton, but I'm not convinced that will be an option as skeletons are typically mobs.

    The rabbits/hares/lagomorphs seem interesting.


    The official Light No Fire website Light No Fire – a fantasy game from the makers of No Man’s Sky

    From the makers of No Man’s Sky, Light No Fire is a game about adventure, building, survival and exploration together. Set on a fantasy planet the size of Earth.

    0 Light No Fire on Steam

    A game about adventure, building, survival and exploration together. Set on a fantasy planet the size of Earth.

    Light No Fire on Steam

    I've already added it to my wishlist. I hope it comes to consoles, too.


    Official Taskmaster Christmas Crackers available now Taskmaster Christmas Crackers (Set of 6)

    Elevate your holiday celebrations with Taskmaster Christmas Crackers! Shipping starts October 9th. Experience fun, challenges, and eco-friendliness. Order now for a unique holiday season!

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