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Anon has nerdy hobbies
  • Men have to make relationships happen. If they do not directly and obviously show interest and intent on pursuing a person they're interested in, they will never have any sort of relationships. Ever.

  • Son, we need to have a serious talk!
  • It's not every man, no.

    The survey said "man or bear". Not "rapist or bear". So yes, this is absolutely targeting men as a whole. Don't piss in my mouth and call it lemonade.

    . Almost all people that commit sexual assault are men. (Of the men that are sexually assaulted, most are, yes, assaulted by other men.)

    All that has been reported, yes. It is a common occurrence for men to not report being sexually assaulted, and there have been cases where they were literally turned away. I'm by no means an extrovert, and I know at least 3 men who were sexually assaulted by WOMEN as children and it never resulted in any form of justice. One of them was laughed at when they told a trusted adult.

    Keeping in mind that >80% of all women have been the target of unwanted sexual attention from a man, how would you expect them to identify and avoid threats?

    Assuming unwanted sexual attention includes any form of unwanted sexual advances, unwanted sexual attention is NOT equivalent to rape and you are doing rape victims a massive disservice by trying to lump them into the same issue.

    My dude, I live in bear country

    That's awful convenient

    The average number of people killed by bears each year in the US is 1.6. That's it. Not even two people, on average, per year, in a country of 340,000,000 people. So, no, they are not likely to maul you to death.

    None of this changes the fact that they would trust a wild animal as powerful as a bear to over a fellow human being they know nothing about. It's sexism. Naked sexism. You can try to justify and twist it, but it's sexism all the same. I apply my principles evenly. Do you?

  • Son, we need to have a serious talk!
  • This is the exact same logic that racists use to excuse their prejudice against others. They assume black people are criminals because "FBI crime statistics". You are using tragedy to excuse your hatred for half of the human population.

    Assuming every man is a rapist is prejudice and is both morally and practically wrong. Men are half the population of the world.

    Also, this is not a reason to answer bear on the survey unless you're just trying to stick it to men (because of your prejudice). If you prefer to be in the company of an extremely powerful animal that is likely to maul you to death than a member of half the population, you are absolutely out of your mind and are obscenely sexist.

  • Movie lines people laughed at in theaters despite not actually being intended to be funny?
  • I've never spoken in a theater until TROS. I spoke twice.

    Once when Rey and Ren were facing each other, and were about to kiss, and I audibly said "oh come on don't say it" when the old lady asked Rey her surname. I was in disbelief she would say something that stupid.