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Who needs Skynet
  • The relative number here might be more useful as long as it's understood that Google already has significant emissions. It's also sufficient to convey that they're headed in the wrong direction relative to their goal of net zero. A number like 14.3 million tCO₂e isn't as clear IMO.

  • We are wasting up to 20% of our time on computer problems, says study
  • "Up to 20%" is meaningless for a headline and is pure click bait. It could be any number between 0% and 20%. Or put another way, any number from no time at all to a horrifying more than an entire day per week.

    Why not just state the average from what is probably a statistically irrelevant study and move on?

  • what if the hacker provided the public key for https connection?
  • As others have mentioned, a trusted 3rd party signs the correct key so your browser can check the key itself.

    However, it should also be noted that your browser must have a list of trusted 3rd parties and their certificates used for signing in order to perform this check. It's entirely possible to modify this list yourself. Some examples include:

    • executing your own MITM style "*attack" in order to intercept and analyze local https traffic
    • corporate network inspection and monitoring, where a gateway does the above for all devices on the network which have a CA cert pre-installed through some policy

    So while it's possible for trusted 3rd parties to issue valid certificates to bad actors, it's also possible to add anyone (you, your employer, or some bad actors) to the trusted parties list.

  • A cool guide to soldering
  • Step 2 has never been very clear to me and this diagram doesn't seem to explain it either.

    • Do you touch the tip of the solder to the iron, the pin, or the pad?

    • Do you push the tip of the solder down into the pad, draw it up along the pin, or pull it away as it melts?

    • Why does the solder sometimes flow onto the iron instead of staying on the pad?

  • Slack users horrified to discover messages used for AI training
  • This is another one of those situations where for them (and every other company with access to similar content) the upside is just too much money to ignore.

    What is the downside? Lost customers? No problem, they'll charge the remaining customers more for new premium features based on the newly trained models. Also if they didn't develop those features in the first place, a competitor would have pulled away customers anyways.

    Fines from some government for the egregious violation of a TBD law relating to AI that doesn't even exist yet? Lol, just the cost of business.

    And policy changes? Who actually believes they'll discard the model parameters they've already spent presumably millions of dollars training?

  • Dangerous? Signal Blasts Google Effort to Use AI to Scan for Scam Phone Calls
  • It might be a good feature for the elderly as long as it's local and optionally enabled (especially if it can be enabled only for unknown callers).

    Yes, I understand you would never really know if it's not always enabled. But then again, you currently don't know if anything similar isn't already enabled.

    For other users, again potentially useful if it's opt in. However, many people (myself included) simply don't answer the phone anymore unless it's a caller we already know. I use Google's call screening feature for any other caller not in my contact list already, and I would estimate about 1 in 20 or 5% of such calls I receive aren't spam (marketing or fraud). Of those non-spam calls, the majority are appointment reminders I don't need.

    So would I turn this feature on? No, I don't have a need. Could it be beneficial for the elderly? Yes, but probably not implemented in a way where it would actually be effective.

  • Old XKCD, still relevant
  • How does it verify the command is valid? Does it run what I enter?

    If so, just give it an infinite loop followed by some attempt at a tar command:

    while true; do :; done; tar -xyz
  • This is the way

    Completed my Mandalorian costume just in time for Halloween.