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Is there any real or serious conversation or work around the idea of a feature-full social media browser?
  • Reminds me of how Thunderbird does Matrix, IRC, Pidgin, RSS and others.

    I think there is room for something like this.

    My only request would be that I can have filters in my feed to remove posts with certain words or emojis or profiles with descriptions including emojis of people I don't want to converse with online.

  • How do we replace YouTube?
  • My bad needed more coffee

    The prior verbiage threw me off.

    how do we distribute videos and watch them without data collection?

    So opinion answer to the latter. Opinion answer. Don't ignore YouTube.

    Steam didn't ignore Win32 and ask 10k devs to port to Linux. They partnered up with CodeWeavers, WINE and others to create Proton and it made the former task largely unnecessary.

    Expand federated video services to cache all videos they stream in case the original gets dunked on. And then at the same time grow the platform.

    A subsection of FOSS hates wealth, but people need to be able to lift themselves out of poverty, there has to be a profit motive and that profit has to largely go to the content creators.

    Without motives and incentives you can build the most beautiful codebase ever and it won't take off.

    Mass censorship is coming, so platforms that don't censor and host in countries where this is legally protected will have the advantage of growing new mega sites.

  • Is there a linux distro (or just a DE) that can be used like a Smart TV
  • Also recommendations for a good remote to go with these?

    I was so desperate I was thinking of reprogramming a wireless number pad cherry MX low profile or something.

    It should have volume buttons, arrow keys, previous, next, pause, etc... Something a old person could understand.

    Numbers and alphabet not required.

  • Easy
  • Yeah I totally agree, I love Photoshop UX colors and general function. It's been a while though.

    On the other hand GIMP has a HUD command palette with hotkey / and you can search for all image functions which is fine with me as I use my keeb a lot.

    And I did import PS hotkeys to go with my many years of memory and it helped me feel at home much better.

    I have used many image editors over the years and I can at least say for basic functions, cropping, scaling, art it opens fast compared to wine and the pre 3.x UI is so much nicer to use.

    I would definitely not recommend a cold switch for anyone at a job, the transition would be frustrating and problematic. But learning the "life raft" as a backup seems sensible.

    It was a hard hit to my ego going from a PS God back to a peasant in terms of output, but I'd say the last few years the tooling has improved tremendously and I can say I'm a novice or mid tier photo editor in GIMP.

    The text tool is nowhere as robust as PS, I felt like PS was a all in one printer one stop shop. But then there's Inkscape so I am okay with dividing my functions up among a few tools instead of only 1.

    I've designed concepts for houses in GIMP as weird as that may seem.

    God do I hate 2.8 and 2.10 UX it was soo bad in terms of getting out of my way and an embarrassment at work, 2.99.xx thankfully is light years apart.

    Edit: Also the GEGL non destructive fx stuff is really interesting and G'MIC Qt addon filters

  • Easy
  • I used to feel that way about it 10+ years.

    If you haven't used it in a while (1y+) don't even bother with the 2.10.xx -- I use Krita, GIMP, Inkscape -- did some image editing in GIMP yesterday and it went good.

    Since the latter 2.99.xx releases my position & criticisms have changed. New UX, Non-destructive Layer Filters and the workflow has improved the software a lot. There is a ton of activity on their gitlab.

    Its still not perfect but easily beats Photoshop Wine at all basic operations.

    And since this post is about Photoshop. Don't pirate it. Be the change in the world you want to see. Let Adobe Rot in Pieces for decades of being anti Linux and anti FOSS despite popular demand and big Hollywood bucks.

    Make them a relic of a long forgotten decade. The sooner we can move on the better.

  • DXVK Release Version 2.4
  • Awesome, I think Final Fantasy 9 is DX8.

    Fingers crossed for improvements to DX6 and DX7 as IIUC that will benefit OG FF7 and FF8.

    Major props to DXVK and all the devs, running software and games in 2024 vs 2014 is day and night apart.

  • Is NixOS at the advent of an implosion? | Community inquiry on recent drama
  • Just like the xz backdoor I agree "nothing to see here, move along" seems like bad advice.

    It is curious to wonder how much state actors and militaries are involved in weaponizing FOSS culture to purge potential perceived opponents.

    For this reason sticking to technological merit and leaving personal beliefs out of FOSS seems wise.

    FOSS shouldn't be state actor's play thing. When leadership behaves radically and is exclusive it looses my respect & support.

  • Has anyone made Linux Reddit Archives?

    I think it would be great to have a archive so that the various documentation, comments and hacks / workarounds could be searched.

    The reason I ask is because they block VPN traffic, restrict some content behind a login wall and I have blacklisted them from my DNS so I plan on never returning.

    But I find myself lacking odd tips from the Sway community and other communities.


    Looking for HUD / Global Menu / Command Palette

    I miss the keyboard friendliness of HUDs and how you could search the menu quickly.

    I was wondering if anyone had a wofi/rofi or equivalent HUD for sway.

    Back in the day there was plotinus. So far I can't get plasmahud, gnomehud, rofihud or others to work.