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Tesla to lay off everyone working on Superchargers, new vehicles
  • Yeah, charging is the main reason I skipped a Tesla 4-5 yrs ago and went for the Benz. Thought chargers were getting more ubiquitous and available enough for me to give it a shot this time around, but all these Tesla layoffs got me second-guessing that

  • Tesla to lay off everyone working on Superchargers, new vehicles
  • I'm their prime demographic, currently car shopping to replace my wrecked Benz, and was leaning towards a Model 3 up until reading this headline lol. I guess I could still charge at home or if the network fails it could be purchased by another company?

    Or I just avoid stressing about it altogether and get a normal car

  • Brazil’s President Lula creates two new Indigenous territories, bringing total to 10
  • I highly recommend watching The Territory:

    Its a documentary following one of these indigenous tribes and the shit they have to go through in keeping their autonomy. Like its one thing for the government to say a certain land is theirs, but what are they supposed to do if a logging company starts cutting down their trees and the local law enforcement doesn't care?

  • A simpler time
  • From the dictionary:

    an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.

    Its exactly the part where it is copied and spread. It's just an image macro until then.

    A arbitrary comment or image isn't a meme if nobody copies it and spreads it

  • A simpler time
  • Web 2.0 happened :/

    It centralized control to a few large corporations and lowered the barrier to entry for users such that everything became a popularity contest for eyeballs. TikTok, reddit, facebook, youtube, instagram, OF, its all a brainless race for engagement

  • reddit is down

    Wasn't one of the excuses they used for removing 3rd party API usage was the clients were inefficient and resource intensive?

    Well, now it's just their own official client, and yet the server is still down, so....

    Facepalm eeltech

    Entitled much? Shows up to business after closing time, expects service


    As a 14-year long user, the new Fisher Price UI makes me sad :( What have they done to you, Reddit?

    Notice there is only 1 full headline (from /r/NoStupidQuestions) visible, it doesn't even show the full post. There are 3 of those "trending" boxes but only 2 of those even fit their headlines because they are like 3 words long, they cut off anything longer including the description

    I originally became addicted to Reddit because of how streamlined it was to skim dozens of headlines and pick from lots of content, seems they have decided content is not something they want to provide anymore :/