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Tipping culture npcs
  • I had one do that (well, even higher, 25, 30, 35, Other) for a retailer recently. Like, it took them under 10 seconds to ring me up and they should automatically get 25%? I chose zero.

  • Gov. Newsom touts early success of police surge in Oakland
  • You don’t even need a thought experiment. The hard data is there. Police in my are, for example, cut enforcement by more than 60% back during the pandemic. Crime and civil violations shot through the roof to the point of chaos. I don’t remember the exact number, but it got bad, ignore the fact we already have some of the highest gun crimes in the country.. They finally stepped up enforcement a bit the middle of last year and crime dropped measurably, but it is still higher than 2017-2018.

    I am sure this has been a familiar thing across many cities.

  • Is anyone else worried about the apple vision pro?
  • There are so many flaws with your take I don’t even know how to reply.

    I will just say that:

    1. $3,500 is not a price that only rich people can afford, at least in the US. Many middle class folks can afford it with ease.

    2. It isn’t Apple’s fault that YouTube has ads. That is Google’s doing. Apple themselves are privacy focused and I never see targeted ads on any Apple app. The only places I even see ads are in the app store and in the TV app, and the TV ads are limited to promos of upcoming shows or movies.

    People are constantly bashing Apple for their premium prices and walled garden while forgetting that nobody is targeting the folks who want a privacy oriented experience without ads blasting everywhere.

    I switched to iOS because I got tired of Google watching my every move and I got tired of worrying if every app I download from google’s app store has malware or not.

  • McDonald's is promising 'attention to affordability' after the price of Big Mac meals hits $18
  • I keep patties/fries in the freezer and have an easily accessible grill and air fryer for when that urge hits. The only thing I need to get is the buns.

    We rarely eat at McDonald's these days. The prices pushed us out along with the poor quality food.

  • Men over 30, what has been your experience with therapy? Did it improve your life?
  • Younger me was helped by a therapist because it helped me to realize I don’t need anyone else to be happy and I don’t need much to actually be happy.

    Old me just started to see a therapist again, so I can’t say too much except that it helps being able to talk to someone and is worth it based purely on that.

    Of course, therapy is free for me, so if you pay YMMV.

  • What Major Social Media Platforms Would You Like To See Federated Alternatives To That Don't Exist Yet?
  • There are hosting providers that offer unmetered bandwidth.

    Sure, setup complexity is higher, but it is definitely doable.

    I have thought about such a project as I also have access to relatively inexpensive 20gbps fiber, but lack the funding currently to do it.

    Maybe one day…