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eatham eatham 馃嚟馃嚥

I am a person in Australia.

My main lemmy client is [email protected] and

Other Stuff @[email protected] @[email protected]

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Mapping for people, not cars
  • I would aviod organic maps unless your area is already mapped out very well because it only updates monthly compared to other maps like osm and which allow you to update the map as often as you want.

  • What the heck is a god dang cloud?
  • Use a user agent switcher. Usually fixes the problems.

  • Canvas (lemmy's r/place) will be in 30 days, help make the Australian flag!
  • I don't see why we can't do both. You can make a template for bluey, people can draw both.

  • Canvas (lemmy's r/place) will be in 30 days, help make the Australian flag!
  • The link will work when the countdown is over. The template is the Australia flag according to Wikipedia.

  • Canvas (lemmy's r/place) will be in 30 days, help make the Australian flag! You're invited to talk on Matrix

    You're invited to talk on Matrix

    This time the flag will be much smaller than last time so it actually gets completed, only 200 pixels wide instead of 300. The canvas this year is also 1/4 the size of last years, 500 x 500 instead of 1000 x 1000.

    The template link that will show what needs to be drawn over the canvas is here. Make sure to lower template opacity by over 50% so you can see what is currently drawn.

    Canvas Matrix

    Canvas Community: [email protected]

    Aussie Flag Canvas Matrix

    Last Canvas Timelapse

    Last Canvas end:


  • All browsers on iOS are required to be Safari/ WebKit based, so it will probably not make a difference. Updating iOS will update WebKit tho and might help.

  • [announcement] call for localizations 路 translation are now available on Weblate
  • I will translate it, but I can't seem to find it in the weblate.

  • [announcement] call for localizations 路 translation are now available on Weblate
  • If you are using a seperate library, it should work, and you got toki pona to work which has the same problem.

    Could you suggest me something in Pirate English to have a try (e.g. some item in the settings screen like "Language"), before creating anything on Weblate?

    I don't get what you are asking here, can you elaborate?

  • [announcement] call for localizations 路 translation are now available on Weblate
  • Can you add pirate English (en@pirate on weblate)? Also, doesn't android not allow unknown languages? I've tried to get them on other apps before and android did not let them.

  • Scam Awareness Thread
  • Most companies will not text important info to you. If you get a text claiming to be from a company, email/ call that company and ask if it was them.

  • What are your favourite RSS feeds?
  • I follow this week in fdroid and this week in matrix, as well as the kiwix blog.

  • Blocked from accessing by Cloudflare for months now.
  • Hotspot from your phone data to your computer. If it works, you might have been IP banned from cloudflare (and likely same with the vpns)

  • Stop! And proceed...
  • Whoeva is rieting thee posts ther clearlee has a veree diferent aksent to me

  • Icon redesign
  • Looks great!

  • Maintenance
  • Great!

  • Last one, i've been farming Ai for memes but last one with lore
  • This is about the new ai thing on Google, which you clearly don't have, so they probably arnt lying. Look at the post before you reply.

  • local warzone
  • You don't, but you can.

  • [SOLVED (cannot disclose answer)] user option in comments plugin not available to me, but available to others when both logged in?

    In the discord @[email protected] was talking about getting a username in the comments section, and said there was a command called user. the command did not work for me, and didnt show up at all.

    here are screenshots of the command list for @[email protected] and me.




    Khan Academy variant called 4khan

    cross-posted from:

    > Someone should make a variant of Khan Academy with the same content (which is under Creative Commons) but no non-libre software, call it 4khan, and list the "4 essential khans" (you khan run the program as you wish for any purpose, etc.) on the homepage


    Can I have moderator here?

    I mod the main perchance community and saw that the description here said to ask for mod if I wanted it.

    Also, you should give @[email protected] mod if they have posted / commented here.

    @[email protected]

    Also does mentioning in posts work now? I remember a few months ago blue power said it was broken and to comment


    Add an option to delete accounts [SOLVED]

    No, i wont be leaving. there is a blank account on my main email which i want to delete to allow me to move my main account to the main email.

    @[email protected]

    Trolley Memes eatham 馃嚟馃嚥

    Brilliant logic


    Profile page is way too cluttered

    The 5 options there should be put somewhere else, it is very cluttered.


    More garbage from Microsoft making using their stuff take longer.

    I don't see anyone falling for this either, if they were going to they would already have edge installed.


    How do guarantees work?

    Do you have to have a guarantee to be listed? Can you have more than one?


    Add meta tags to your generators!

    Hello everyone,

    Please add meta tags to your generators! This makes it easier for people to know what it is at a glace, and makes people more likely to visit your generator.

    To add meta tags, add list this anywhere in your generator except in another list

    $meta title = Put your generator title here description = put a desciption of your generator here.

    I will be putting these tags on all my generators soon.

    @[email protected] Please add this to all the admin pages including the admin plugins and the minimal template.

    @[email protected] @[email protected] Can you add these to your plugins?


    BluePower has updated the Power stacks template, it now supports grouping stacks together in a drop-down menu. 馃搵 The Power Stacks Template has been updated!

    The stacks can now be "grouped" into different sub-categories that can be expanded and collapsed! Plus, to not make confusion with other stacks, I've also added a separator that appears when a stack鈥


    (answered) what is the fedipact?

    I saw this site that tells you if instances have blocked yet and noticed some instances listed as fedipact with a heart instead of blocked/federated/ limited (also what does limited mean)


    Are we going to upgrade to lemmy 0.19?

    Are there plans to switch to lemmy 0.19? we are still on 0.18.4, and the new version seems to have alot of useful features. Are there any problems stopping us from updating?


    Perchance loading forever

    perchance is loading forever - ive tried clearing the cache and using a private window, but it doesnt work. i=it loads on chrome but not on firefox.

    More info:

    Browser Version: Firefox 120.0.1 (64-bit) OS: Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon


    Please defederate from

    Meta threads will open federation to the fediverse soon, and while this is mainly to mastodon it will still affect lemmy. They are acting like they won't be evil, but let's be real this is Facebook when have they ever done that.

    This article which has been trending lately explains some of the issues.

    This comment here is a simple analogy if you can't be bothered reading the article.

    @[email protected]


    [finished, read edit in post.]What NAS to get for running plex and is there anything I should know?

    I want to make a plex nas so I don't have to deal with Netflix and streaming services, here are some questions I have.

    1. What NAS should I get? I've heard Qnap is good, but I want to know around what nas I should get

    2. Is plex somewhat simple to setup and is there other software I should look at?

    3. Is there anything else I should know?

    Edit: I ended up using an old laptop and running a file share from it then installing kodi on the other devices and using it as a storage point.


    Some "unofficial" mods have been made for C:S2 Thunderstore | The Cities: Skylines II Mod Database

    Thunderstore is a mod database and API for downloading mods

    Thunderstore | The Cities: Skylines II Mod Database

    There's also some mods on random GitHub repos aswell, but be careful with both thunder store and GitHub mods.