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Current state of EU legislation on crop breeding (from @methylcytosine on X)
  • No, unfortunately it does. GMO crops could make this even worse because they may pass their genes to wild plants through gene flow. The 'owner' of that gene could then require a licensing deal for the use of these plants as well.

  • Current state of EU legislation on crop breeding (from @methylcytosine on X)
  • I admit, my arguments were cherry picked. I just wanted to provide a few counter examples to show that there are reasons for being skeptical of GMO crops. My biggest concern actually isn't food safety or environmental impacts but the previously mentioned intellectual property implications. I don't want Bayer to own certain genes making it illegal to plant seeds from apples I bought at the store.

  • Current state of EU legislation on crop breeding (from @methylcytosine on X)
  • I wonder if there are any good reasons for that. Let's ask the internet.

    Oh no.

    Well, surly this technology is used to improve the crops to be resistant to weed pressure and not just to sell more herbicides. Let's ask the internet.

    Oh no.

    Ok, but at least farmers can reuse the resistant crops and don't have to buy hybrid seeds every year because these new plants are genetically stable.

    Oh no.

  • Twelve years after the death of Steve Jobs, the cracks are starting to appear at Apple
  • Maybe Apple will have their Balmer moment but, as much as I would like to see that, I don't expect it any time soon.

  • Video Shows First Neuralink Patient Playing Mario Kart With His Mind
  • I agree, but years ago most of us would have said something similar when asked to carry around a device that will track your position everywhere you go. Now we all do that, because smartphones are just so convenient.

  • Boeing rule
  • We have purposely built it incorrectly, as a joke.

  • Making ice skates that are made of ice.

    Hee hee hee, you'll see!
  • It could also be the last words you scream seconds before you hit the rock.

  • refined taste
  • It is a good way to use cheaper tea like the tea bags that only contain tea dust. A cup from these will be rather bitter but it can taste nice once you add milk and/or sugar.

  • The Book You Need to Start With Linux Kernel Development
  • Don't bother it is published by Packt. None of the books published by them I have read were any good.

  • Tinder to ban web developers who use 'engineer' in their bio
  • Now this is the kind of 'news' I'd like to see posted on hackernews just to read their techbro shit takes.

  • Helldivers 2 has a Dungeons and Dragons-style GM behind the scenes
  • No this is a reasonable approach. Arrowhead are a a rather small company of around 100 people and automating things is easier said than done. They also never anticipated the game to be as successful as it is so at the time it probably wasn't high on the priority list. Now they pay Joel overtime (I hope) and can think about how to implement an automated script to adjust the game.

  • Austria — it’s time to join NATO
  • Unfortunately, I don't see any chance for that. The right wing nut job party is set to win the next elections and it is likely that the "moderate" party will form a coalition with them. Even suggesting to think about joining NATO at some point in the far future, would be political suicide.

  • Gemini: Who negatively impacted society more, Elon Musk or Hitler?
  • Why are you posting the hallucinations of an machine learning algorithm? Think for yourself for gods sake. I suggest you start your research here.

  • Here's what's new about the Fairphone 4
  • Slow speed was never an issue for any of my old android phones. I would have happily continued using my previous phone if the manufacturer bothered to provide security updates. I bought the FP4 at release and expect to use it for at least another 3 years. In my mind that justifies the initial asking price, at the time other android phones with longterm support did not exist.

  • Made by a Zamboni Driver - Chameleon (1989)
  • Fuck you. Bullpups your revolver

    Also lovely SS runes he put on there... 😬

  • Empfehlungen zu Decaf-Tee?
  • Ich hab diesen hier einmal probiert aber ich würde ihn auch nicht als 'gut' bezeichnen, mit viel Milch gehts. Ich fürchte das mit dem entkoffeinieren funktioniert bei Tee einfach nicht sonderlich gut und das Resultat ist immer ein Tee der ein bisserl schmeckt als hät man ihn schon fünfmal neu aufgegossen.

    Hast du schon Tees versucht die weniger Koffein enthalten? So etwas wie Houjicha zum Beispiel.

  • Thanks to OpenAI, it's never been clearer that Sundar Pichai is Google's Steve Ballmer
  • I use a Nextcloud app called Memories for my photos. I don't know if it is one par with Google Photos but it's good enough for me. There are a few providers that offer managed Nextcloud servers, personally I use the one by Hetzner.

  • Exposing the Color Blind Glasses Scam


    Jingle Jam 2023 - includes 70 games

    If you don't already know it, Jingle Jam is a two week long charity event by the Yogscast. You can donate to various charities and receive steam keys for 70 games.


    Leihroller sind eine Pest.

    Ich muss mich auch einmal aufregen. Jetzt baut die Stadt endlich ein paar Fahrradabstellplätze und dann ist erst recht wieder alles mit diesen unsäglichen Rollern voll.

    54 Do Kwon’s new home: an overcrowded Balkan prison with mafia suspects and little hope

    Do Kwon is isolated from other inmates at Spuz Prison in Montenegro as authorities weigh extradition to the US or South Korea.


    Ukraine's Armed Forces advance another 1,400 metres on Bakhmut front Ukraine�s Armed Forces advance another 1,400 metres on Bakhmut front

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to advance up to 1,400 metres on different parts of the Bakhmut front during the day, Serhii Cherevatyi, the spokesman for the eastern group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said.

    Ukraine�s Armed Forces advance another 1,400 metres on Bakhmut front