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Will Corps ditch Windows over Recall for Linux?
  • Depends on a number of factors. A ton of companies have moved to web based tools for a big chunk of their workforce. If those web apps are more or less standards-compliant you could pull it off with minimal retraining.

  • The truth...
  • My best read on that phenomenon is that a few people took the discussion from Clerks a little further and started arguing as a joke that the empire were just trying to establish order as. They started r/EmpireDidNothingWrong, where irony-poisoned kids began taking the joke seriously, just like the people who legitimately believe the whole “birds aren’t real” theory.

  • Daggerfalls's creators kickstarting Game The Wayward Realms last leg of funding... lets get this moving ppl ;)
  • If it’s “use my name a likeness, maybe my voice work,” I’m not mad, it’s people paying to do stuff the devs would need to pay someone else to do instead. If it’s “I have some ideas how this story should go” I’d be a bit more concerned.

  • To fight poverty, some Texas cities gave aid with no strings attached. Conservatives are pushing back.
  • If you’re referring to dollars given/promised to “charity,” a huge amount of that is done in a way that protects assets from taxes but primarily benefits the donor or the donor’s offspring.

    Example: Warren Buffet has billions he has pledged to charity. However, when he dies it goes into a private charitable trust that conveniently employs his children and pays them millions a year for “administration” duties. The trust can donate stocks to charities, and there is a tax exemption for the “value” of the donation, reducing the tax burden of the trust further. Billionaire charity in the USA is a nearly-complete fiction which is actually more in line with the behavior discussed in this article.

  • Connect A Song dylanmorgan

    Matthew Sweet-Girlfriend

    Previous song is from an anime, music video is largely from an anime (Space Adventure Cobra).


    crushing This 7-year-old has a lemonade stand to pay for her mom's tombstone

    An Alabama community has been inspired by the child's selflessness.

    This 7-year-old has a lemonade stand to pay for her mom's tombstone

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    > This 7-year-old has a lemonade stand to pay for her mom's tombstone


    The OCM is shut down for a few hours Over 7,000 students see their lunch debts wiped after $1 million donation

    Students in four Georgia public school districts will get their lunch debts paid after a $1 million donation from the Arby's Foundation.

    Over 7,000 students see their lunch debts wiped after $1 million donation

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    > Over 7,000 students see their lunch debts wiped after $1 million donation > > Over 7,000 students in Georgia with unpaid lunch balances are getting a helping hand following a $1 million initiative from the Arby's Foundation, the nonprofit announced Thursday.


    Problem with Jellyfin on Fedora and Ubuntu

    I installed Jellyfin on an iMac running Fedora 39/Gnome and it was running more or less without any issues. However, I wanted to have the iMac on a VPN which would prevent accessing content indexed by Jellyfin elsewhere. So I installed Ubuntu on an old Mac Mini that I had, planning to make it a NAS box as well as host Jellyfin. The install there did not go well at all, I got the error "The server is expected to host the web client, but the provided content directory is either invalid or empty."

    I found a post on github where a user created the directory listed in the error and then copied from /usr/share/jellyfin/web/ and when I did that the startup went further but then it threw the error "Kestrel failed to start! This is most likely due to an invalid address or port bind - correct your bind configuration in network.xml and try again."

    I could not find a clear answer as to where the "network.xml" file is located, and I couldn't find any files that seemed to have the contents that were expected in network.xml. I put that aside for another day, considering a different distro if there are any others that are better with jellyfin than Ubuntu.

    Today I was going to watch something that had been working on the Fedora box, and it would not play. I checked systemctl and jellyfin was not running. I tried launching it from the terminal and I got the same "server is expected to host the web client" error I had before.

    Has anyone else run into these issues? Is there any better documentation out there than what is on the jellyfin site? Any help is much appreciated.


    Help with fedora 39

    I installed Fedora 39 on an old iMac I had with a fusion drive (128GB SSD +1TB spinning disk.)

    Fedora is installed on the SSD, and I want to use the spinning disk as a media drive. Problem is, it does not mount by default, so I figure I need to edit /etc/fstab to have it mount at startup.

    I’m at work so I SSH into the iMac and get the UUID for the disk and then open fstab in vi, enter the new line with the uuid, directory I want the drive mounted in (/media), the filesystem (ext4) and the options. Try to write and quit, get an error the file is readonly. Try to set the file to noreadonly, write fails again. Try :wq! and get the error the file cannot be opened to write.

    Exit vi, ls -la and see the file is read-only.

    sudo chmod 644 fstab, put in password. ls -la shows file is still read only. lsattr fstab, immutable flag is not set.

    Is this happening because I’m on SSH, or is there some other issue?


    Problem with conda

    I recently picked up the python mastery bundle from humble bundle and one of the books (about larger-scale projects) has its exercises built around using anaconda virtual environments. I am able to create a project using:

    % conda create -n project0 —channel=conda-forge python=3.12

    But when I try to activate project0 I get an error that “activate” is an invalid choice. When I tried to initialize conda for Bash, my terminal behaved like the default echo for typed characters turned off.


    Considering Gentoo

    I have an old iMac that I am planning to install some flavor of Linux on and while I was looking at various distros it occurred to me that it might be a good exercise to install Gentoo on it. Other than a separate machine for documentation and downloading the necessary packages, what else should I have set up to try this? Has anyone installed Gentoo on a Mac before? If so, what concerns are there related to things like Apple’s implementation of EFI?


    Best distro for Lenovo Carbon X1

    I have a Lenovo Carbon X1 that is a few years old (7th gen), and I am running Fedora 38.5 with GNOME 44.5. The issue is that the system does not sleep properly. If I close the lid, nothing suspends properly, so if it is not on a charger or shut down it will die within several hours in my bag. Are there any distros that handle power management and suspend status on this hardware better than Fedora?


    Hoboken is becoming a pedestrian wonderland The New Jersey Mayor With a Plan to End Traffic Deaths

    In Hoboken, Mayor Ravi Bhalla has worked to redesign city intersections, install bike lanes and slow traffic. The result? Six-plus years of no pedestrian fatalities.

    The New Jersey Mayor With a Plan to End Traffic Deaths

    Hoboken has slowed traffic and increased bike lanes and pedestrian areas, leading to a six year period with zero pedestrian deaths.


    Question about Proton

    I am buying a friend’s PC for games. I want to avoid windows if at all possible, and I’m wondering what people’s experience using Proton in Linux for gaming has been. Are there certain publishers who use libraries Proton doesn’t handle well? Are there distros to avoid using with proton? Any other notes I should be aware of?


    bell hooks got it

    “The first act of violence that patriarchy demands of males is not violence toward women. Instead patriarchy demands of all males that they engage in acts of psychic self-mutilation, that they kill off the emotional parts of themselves. If an individual is not successful in emotionally crippling himself, he can count on patriarchal men to enact rituals of power that will assault his self-esteem.”

    That bell hooks quote was the one that made me realize that feminism wasn’t just about bringing women into equality with men, but about protecting everyone from the violence of patriarchy.


    Andrewism on justice

    Hope this doesn’t break any rules, I think the discussion of justice is germane to infrapolitics.


    Question about goats

    I am working on a story in which a group of well-organized squatters are practicing agriculture in a suburban development. They keep goats that graze on nearby grassy areas and I wanted to know what is done with herd sires when they age out of breeding. Everything I can find talks about male kids and wethers, but there’s nothing about sires except that older male goats’ meat tastes bad.