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When did a movie or a show misrepresent the country or city you live in?
  • They always show India incorrectly, way more colourful and cleaner than it is. I think mostly not shot here too. Especially in older movies. Also the people speak English in an accent that only Indians abroad speak in.

  • Embracer Boss Mulls Increasing the Price of Video Games Beyond $70
  • Yeah, I don't see any reason to buy (or pre buy!) any game at all. At launch you're paying double for a beta version basically. Like you said, wait for the actual game to be released a few months later at a good price.

  • Who would win: Borg Cube or Death Star?
  • You're absolutely right, my take is that they'll make the sith and mother borg would somehow put their battle aside for now and team up to eventually lose in a sequel movie/show against the jedi + federation combo