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Cost by Protein Source
  • One would have to consider that all the legumes listed are not sources of complete protein and would need to be complemented with rice for example. The protein percentages per 100g is also fairly low in comparison, this means that it's likely more carbohydrates.

    I'd argue that pork chops are the most optimal source of full protein along with the fat it offers.

    To get the same amount of protein and fat from tofu, the best vegan option, one would need to eat twice as much as one would eat chops.

    But I don't see tofu listed on this graph.

  • sigh...
  • That's right!

    My match making in Quakeworld late nineties / early two thousands went from LAN with dad and brother at home, to LAN at compsci lab at HS after school, to local PC cafe, to regional LAN tournament to international scene once ISDN & ADSL became ubiquitous.

    We were always welcoming newbies to the scene. But then starting 2003 the Nordic players became increasingly cliquey and started refusing to play anywhere further south than servers located near the Stockholm datacentre.

  • EU elections 2024 live: Emmanuel Macron dissolves French parliament and calls snap elections after huge far-right gains
  • You are wrong and short-sighted, and I will tell you why:

    1. income disparity between rich and regular folks: if you look at graphs from studies on wealth inequality, it will show you how the rich get richer, while the poor get (especially relative to their cost of living) poorer. And by poor I mean the average folk.
    2. Immigrants have always been there: both the US and Canada have been built on the backs of immigrants, and are also kept afloat by them. Should we slow down a bit? Perhaps. Should we focus more on the regular folks that already live there? Definitely. But immigration and better social services for those already there are not mutually exclusive. Assuming there are funds for it
    3. The rich are lobbying the governments to do their bidding: The few hold all the power again, just like in feudalism. And they don't want to give that up at any cost. This creates a perpetual cycle where they make money to gain power to make more money to gain more power to make... you get the ghist.
    4. The rich has a lower burden in taxes: A regular folk will get taxed on their income and purchases for a cumulative burden of around 45%. However someone rich will live off of their wealth creating more wealth instead, while foregoing income and thus income tax. Additionally when it comes to cost of living, even if a rich person would pay equal percentage in taxes to a regular folk, that 45% in cumulative taxes will leave the regular folk with say $5.5k to budget for everything on a 10k/mo salary, while a rich individual will have $55k to budget on a 100k/mo salary.
    5. Immigrants are not taking anyone's job: In reality new immigrants work all the shitty jobs that no one else wants to or can take anyway. They are either low wage service workers or gig workers, or are actual skilled worker immigrants that are in high demand. Either way they are likely exploited in the low wage position or as the new hire.

    Let me know if I should continue. Or maybe someone else will chime in.

  • Olivia Chow wants to bring Toronto’s downtown back to life — and she’s meeting bank CEOs about increasing office days to do it
  • In a lot of (European) cities, downtown is not dominated by the banks and offices. And foot traffic is not pushed underground into a privatized area full of overpriced chains, in favour of cars.

    Toronto's downtown is very unwelcoming, and I don't see a reason for anyone to wanting to be there. Unless they like staring at the monotony of floors ten to twenty of First Canadian Place from their office window.

  • A cool guide for old world language family tree
  • Old World likely referring to Europe. Except they had to include Middle East and South Asia, because it's the same language tree.

    Notably there's no Georgian, because it's also it's own language tree but is not in Europe. But the Caucasus is part of the old world. And Georgia is a candidate country for the EU.

    You know what, it doesn't make sense either way.

  • EU elections 2024 live: Emmanuel Macron dissolves French parliament and calls snap elections after huge far-right gains
  • You completely fell for it. The problem is not being resources sucked away by immigrants, and there not being enough left for the regular folk.

    The problem is the rich not having the same burden as the poor due to wealth not being taxed. It's called having a shitty quality of life and high costs of living.

  • Exactly. Delete Reddit.
  • So this is not really google's fault then but rather while people were using it to find answers in links, they expected shitty SEO and LLM written articles to not mess with the results.

  • I love KAT Napoleonic

    Top to bottom, left to right:

    • Keyboard Model Name/form factor/color, Switch type@Spring weight, Keycap set
    • Thera 75 v1 navy, UG blacks@60g, KAT Nap French mods + Canadian French/Intl alphas
    • FUNC-KB-460, MX blues, KAT Nap Austrian mods w/ US alphas
    • Vast v1 red, Boba U4s@68g, KAT Nap Austrian w/ Hungarian alphas
    • Neo65 green trimode, Vertex V1s, KAT Nap Russian w/ Cherokee alphas
    • MAMMOTH PAD white, KTT Grapefruit, KAT Nap French numpad
    • MechWild Murphpad w/ nice!nano, JWK Ice Jade, KAT Nap Russian numpad w/ Milo the KNØB