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Tesla sends out another wave of layoff notices as employees enter 4th week of job cuts
  • Incredibly you still have Musk fans that think SpaceX is somehow different than his plethora of other ego projects. They'd watch him piss into incoming wind and explain how his urine splattered clothes are a 4D business chess move

  • Whose taking those rights away?
  • You bootlickers really need to come up with something better than "but my soda :(" if you're going to try and both sides the termination of rights for women's healthcare

    And yeah buddy, Republicans HATE giant gas guzzling trucks and SUVs, really pinning the Dems down now

  • Influential LGBTQ+ group pulls Biden endorsement over 'perilous' handling of Israel-Hamas war
  • What's the solve? The Republicans are always going to offer up a candidate with more hideous stances than whoever the Dems offer up. The Dems could run Trump himself and the GOP would manage to find someone worse, are you voting for Trump in that race because he's not Super Trump?

    I'm empathetic to harm reduction and the associated stances but where does the slide to the right end if Liberal voters loyally motorboat the hooters of the "least bad evil"?

    Can't vote our way out of this

  • Opinion Piece On AI that I Agree With
  • Sucks that you can't even find anti AI comments on a fuck_ai post. My job in ML was so much more enjoyable before these lunatics had to attach an LLM call to their own rectums before shitting in the morning.

  • NPR editor who alleged left-wing bias at network suspended
  • Wish NPR had the guts to have a left wing bias. Between fund drives, hand wringing, pearl clutching, and some biographic segment on the death of an obscure vaudeville act reviewer, they're pressed for time to come up with anything else

  • Strange, isn't it?
  • It will continue to exist because it's useful for the ruling class.

    Terms like "unskilled labor" help the media do their job, which is helping capital convince the masses that the "unskilled laborers" are speaking above their station when asking for a livible wage.

    It's "burger flippers" for people who want to call themselves more politically literate. Language currently used to minimize and undermine.

    It will definitely continue to exist, but acting like there aren't connotations here or that they aren't directly related to the "real problem of low wages" is wack

  • An Honest Assessment of Rural White Resentment Is Long Overdue
  • And no one ignores the plight of rural folk as much as Republicans. Indeed they want to make it worse to gin up more discomfort. I'm from deep rural Alabama. To say my family votes against their own interests is a given, for the two choices, but they vote for the most extreme antithesis to their best interest every time because frankly, they're committed to the "invisible war against """other"""".

    I agree they should escape, but I also am not going to extend them some bullshit about how they're "forgotten" or "ignored". They know exactly what they're doing. They are making their choices.

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