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Here kitty kitty
  • You're thinking on epistemology, not nihilism.

  • Flowchart for STEM
  • After indirect

    Do you want to feel like you are in a secret society? Yes -> actuarial sciences

  • Never tire of winning
  • Any other incumbent president had lost the election?

  • Single point of failrule
  • It's still run on pcs, at least is in mine.

  • Single point of failrule
  • Bet they use it to spy on workers looking for "slacker behavior".

  • Do you use VS Code?
  • I use VS code, mainly for the jupyter notebook integration.

  • Single point of failrule
  • Can you have open source anti virus software?

  • A cool guide about Paid leave by country
  • Used to live in Argentina, where is 2 weeks per year, and started playing to move to Brazil when I learned that.

  • A cool guide about Paid leave by country
  • They are only counting that days of normal time off for every country I guess. Maybe isn't the same counting for every country. In Colombia, for example, the 15 days of paid time off is 15 days of comercial days, so weekends or holidays dosed count.

  • The Linux Foundation spent 2% on linux kernel support in 2023
  • Nice to see the 13M into community trolling

  • Game theory
  • Northernlion class is lectured by the librarian.

  • It hasn't gone away.
  • Meanwhile in Brazil I just need to walk in to my local public health hospital and ask for the vaccine and get it right there for free

  • Utah to use pentobarbital to execute man instead of three-drug combination
  • Because applying anesthesia is nor easy, requires years of education and a medical degree, and not anesthesiologist is going ti participate on it.

  • CrowdStrike downtime apparently caused by update that replaced a file with 42kb of zeroes
  • Years ago I read an study about insurance companies and diversification of assets in Brazil. By regulation, an individual insurance company need to have a diversified investment portfolio, but the insurance market as a whole not. the diversification of every individual company sum, as a whole of all the insurance market, as an was exposed market, and the researchers found, iirc, like 3 banks that if they fail they can cause a chain reaction that would take out the entire insurance market.

    Don't know why, but your comment made me remind of that.

  • Bat-approved
  • Is working with cops as a civilian not vigilantism? That sounds like a paramilitary police.

  • British cuisine is like...
  • I didn't even said that the bread should be garlic bread.

  • Inserting politics in the media without any relevance ruins it.
  • The scenes with the father were something brutal. I don't think they were supposed to be laughed at.

  • Wolf rule
  • Brazillian wolfs

  • British cuisine is like...
  • Add butter and some green herbs, like rosemary or cilantro, on the potatoes and is an instant update on that plate



    alguém pra jogar jogos de tabuleiro?

    O que acham se a gente se junta alguma noite a jogar algum jogo?


    answer = sum(n) / len(n)


    how to delete that automatically youtube comment?


    Como posso apagar esse texte automático do YouTube?


    DJ Ramon Sucesso | Boiler Room x Primavera Sound Barcelona x CUPRA



    Kode Fervo Vol I




    best way to access databases in different projects

    Hi, I want to know what is the best way to keep the databases I use in different projects? I use a lot of CSVs that I need to prepare every time I'm working with them (I just copy paste the code from other projects) but would like to make some module that I can import and it have all the processes of the databases for example for this database I usually do columns = [(configuration of, my columns)], names = [names], dates = [list of columns dates], dtypes ={column: type},

    then database_1 = pd.read_fwf(**kwargs), database_2 = pd.read_fwf(**kwargs), database_3 = pd.read_fwf(**kwargs)...

    Then database = pd.concat([database_1...])

    But I would like to have a module that I could import and have all my databases and configuration of ETL in it so I could just do something like 'database = my_module.dabase' to import the database, without all that process everytime.

    Thanks for any help.


    100 upvotes and I'm doing this tattoo design




    On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz


    The girl from Ipanema - Carlos Jobin


    Mamba Negra 18/05 DJ line up sets

    E aí galera?

    Vamos fazer a tarefa de casa e escutar um set dos DJs que vão na Mamba?

    Uniiqu3 (EUA)

    Verraco (Col) B2B Bitter Babe (Col)

    TetoPreto convida Marina Lima


    DJ Jeeh FDC

    Caio Prince B2B DJ Bassan

    Cashu B2B Alirio

    Leona Suoki


    Paulete LindaCelva B2B Kabulom

    Lechuga Zafiro

    Em progresso...



    Like a Virgin by Madonna


    how to send the icecream output to a log file?

    Hi, I'm currently using this to log my python process

    logging.basicConfig(filename='filename.log', level=logging.DEBUG)

    logger = logging.getLogger()

    sys.stderr.write = logger.error

    sys.stdout.write =

    And then using print(f'{} log message') where I want to log.

    It's working OK, buy I would like to live it to ic, but can't find any info on how to send the ic output to the logger.

    Thanks for any help.


    Maior ocorrência de "gatos" de energia é em bairros nobres, diz Enel

    Guardando está notícia pra mandar ao pessoal quando falar que na favela não pagam energia.


    tente encontrar o nome da canção pela IA criada pela letra


    where are the mods of this community?


    anyone here listed to History of philosophy without any gaps podcast? I couldn't download this episodes nowhere, but the professor said that he had no problem download the episodes.