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A hydrogen-powered air taxi flew 523 miles emitting only water vapor
  • Second, even if we were to produce hydrogen from water, the cycle of electrolyzing, transporting and using hydrogen is associated with enormous energy losses, and we still have to get that extra energy from somewhere

    Is it worse than hauling enormous batteries, though? I know hydrogen looses like half the energy on generation, but to me it sounds the same as if we do all-electric and spend the same amount of energy for just moving the batteries around. I'm too cooked atm, but is anyone up to do the research/math on this?

  • Max Speed Limit by State
  • This map looked a bit off, so I checked. Russia should be 110(there are only few roads where there is ongoing testing for 130 limit). Mongolia and Armenia should be at 100, Turkey seems to be 130.

    Kazakhstan checks out, though. Those crazy batyrs really can drive upwards of 150 without fines. That is, if their horses can make it that fast.

  • Comment on a YT video about Windows on ARM
  • Might have some trouble if it's a typec dock and the monitors are connected to it. Laptop's own outputs might also be wonky if there's a hybrid gpu setup going on, but support for thosr has improved a ton lately. Mkb should work fine out of the box as long as it's not some unified proprietary bullshit wireless kit with smarfridge integration.

    Overall, I would suggest just ripping an image of ubuntu, or pop_os if you got nvidia card, boot off it, just close the installer to try live mode, and see for yourself if everything works. Takes like an hour to do, no installation required. You can even install software, except gpu drivers, as everything would be all wiped on reboot and gpu drivers need reboot, hence popos suggestion as it has them built-in. You can try remmina on it - it's the most common remote control software, supports both rdp and vnc and a bunch of other obscure protocols.

  • Take action to stop chat control now!
  • No, I'm Belarusian.

    1. In case you haven't noticed, I said "At first glance"
    2. Due to the map being zoomed in a little closer than usual, and because of the omissions of countries borders, it shifts visual appearance of countries towards right. A honest mistake if you ask me, and which I found to be funny, hence the comment.
    3. Why so serious?
    4. What being an American has to do with this? Anyway, I'll take that as a compliment for my English.
  • Russian court orders arrest of Yulia Navalnaya
  • I was under impression that his last sentence was for his founding role in ACF which was deemed extremist organization for made up connections to Tatarsky's bombing, which would make that a terrorism change. But as a refresher I've looked up, and in reality they've been designated extremists for participation in elections, basically. The official case states that the foundation's goal was to stage a coup in fashion of Orange Revolution. And now with it, they have a case to put everyone who's ever been in contact with ACF in prison for 6 years, which they actively exercise. It's a complete sham, such a corrupt government should not exist in a modern world.

  • Andrew just wants to open his files on Windows 10
  • There's an OS you might like. It has no UAC, no file permissions, no sudo nor chmod, as it has no multi-user support, no antivirus and no firewall, no protection rings, not even spectre/meltdown mitigations, and most of all - no guard-rails whatsoever: You can patch the kernel directly at runtime and it won't even give you a warn. And yet, it is perfectly safe to run. It's called TempleOS and it achieves such a flawless security by having no networking support whatsoever and barely any support for removable media. If you want a piece a software - you just code it in, manually. You don't have to check the code for backdoors if it's entirely written by you... only for CIA at your actual back door...

  • So much for Blockchain's real life use cases
  • payments/transfers would be both much slower AND much more expensive than via a bank

    Not necessarily. You could have a federated system, where only big players like banks participate in larger blockchain, like banks already do with forex and wire transfers and pay ridiculous fees to clearing agencies, and clear out local transfers locally, possibly inside their own smaller and much faster blockchain.

  • Average CSS
  • EDIT: Alright, this is a terrible case because the parent element has flex and therefore no inline-flex is necessary there, but I'd argue it's the parent element being flex that is redundant, rather than child element being inline.

  • Average CSS
  • Chromium is a superior engine, yes. But Chrome itself, at least in my eyes, looks to be the least capable browser out of the bunch. I'd rather Vivaldi if I had to switch.

  • Average CSS
  • Huh, neat. The last time I looked, chrome was also plagued by this. Might actually re-start some projects I had, but it sucks to have to use chrome.

    inline-flex is indeed necessary since we're growing left to right and flex would take the entire/fixed width, unless it's also inside a flexbox.

  • Average CSS
  • Sure. Here you go. The green container should cover all red boxes in both cases. I've been bashing my head against this issue for a while, but, as far as I understand, this is a bug that's never going to be fixed. Which sucks, because I wanted to re-design some of the apps in the horizontal metro-style scrolling manner for the bottom screen on my zephyrus duo, but this effectively prevents me from doing so (Unless I use grids and set positions manually).

  • Sony is pushing people to fund the invasion of Ukraine with it's geo-restrictions

    Alright, the title is a bit clickbaity, but hear me out!

    Little background: Since the start of the Ukraine invasion, Russia and Belarus have been hit with massive sanctions, and a lot of stuff suddenly became unavailable. That includes quite a few video games that became unavailable on steam. Helldivers being one of them. And, since it started, a lot of people, myself included, have left the country in disagreement with the regime, mostly to ex-USSR countries, like Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Others, who, for some reason, are unable or are unwilling to move, either resorted to piracy, or got their steam accounts switched to one of said countries, mostly with help from friends in one of them. This is a good thing in a way that that that it moves place where the taxes are paid, and gives more power to those countries, especially as they grow wary of their warmongering neighbor and increasingly drift away from their shared USSR past, effectively weakening war machine.

    Now with geographic restrictions put on all of those countries on Steam, I've been pondering if there's a way to still somehow buy this game for my friends to play with, some of whom are still residing in Russia, and stumbled upon this:\_2\_versiya\_RF

    This is a totally legit, official store of one of the oldest major publishers in Russia, and official SONY's partner. What caught my attention is that they have two separate versions available - one for Russia and Belarus, and another for ex-USSR countries. The first one is a little problematic as it means that SONY is continuing doing business in Russia and doesn't give a fuck about it waging a war. But whatever. The second one, on the other hand, is completely nuts. As far as I can tell, it is the only place where you could obtain the game officially in said countries. With the price of roughly $40 with 20% VAT included, that'd be $8 straight into Putin's pockets for every copy sold. Sweet liberty! Plus whatever the publisher's cut is, that gets further taxed down the road. For a person who fled from dictatorship and is conscious about where their money go, or for a citizen of a country that was invaded and is still partly occupied, or a person displaced from their home because the peacekeepers just told them to fuck off and left, that sounds like a bad joke.

    I do realize that VAT from video game sales is a drop in the ocean, compared to oil and gas exports. But still, I'd say that a good enough reason to keep pushing SONY to lift geographic restrictions on Steam.


    Is there any app to delete SMS messages by keyword?

    I'm currently in a country with lots of companies straight up spamming every single number. But, I guess it's by law, all those messages have a word signifying that it's an ad.

    My question is whether there's an app that could auto-remove them, preferrably removing the notification as well and ideally keeping the stock messenger intact.

    I've tried a few from the play market's top but none seemed to work, some didnt even have such a feature. Also tried some automation tools, but couldnt find one that could delete SMS messages.

    Any suggestions?