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ICQ, One of the Oldest Instant Messengers, Is Shutting Down
  • Did you wait until your wedding night to cyber for the first time?

  • Maybe those 20 seconds were because of the lack of getting raises?
  • Still, tell miranda to go to hell. She sounds like a garbage human.

  • Charlie Murphy's brother made a record in the 80s!
  • Happens to the best of us. Your heart was in the right place.

  • Charlie Murphy's brother made a record in the 80s!
  • I think you just need to click the link and put a bumble bee in your butt.

  • Google Is Paying Reddit $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Users to Eat Glue
  • It's nice to be adjacent to history in this way. I think I'll add this to me resume!

  • Google Is Paying Reddit $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Users to Eat Glue
  • Would it be acceptable if AI said it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonated soda?

  • Probably the worst thing I ever tried.
  • The food importer really went balls to the wall freedom eagle liberty on you.

  • Probably the worst thing I ever tried.
  • Are you my long lost twin? Did you marry my wife's long lost triplet? (She has a twin sister)

  • Probably the worst thing I ever tried.
  • You and me both! The regular one is really good too. I don't mess with flaming hot.

  • Maybe those 20 seconds were because of the lack of getting raises?
  • All the shift managers had keys. Was it impossible to occasionally fill one of the free kid balloons with nitrous instead of helium and take it home with you? No.

    But the chargers were tracked against the amount of heavy cream we went through. They would go straight to the tapes if there were any discrepancy.

  • Is Stremio a honeypot?
  • I use it with real debrid and a vpn. I have it on a few android TV devices. I need the ease of use for my luddite wife and 5 year old.

    I never considered the re-seeding issue until now. Do the debrid servers not re-seed?

    I'm working on a homelab and will eventually try to set up jellyfin, but this is a work in progress.

  • Google Is Paying Reddit $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Users to Eat Glue
  • I think my most upvoted reddit comment was on the poop knife post. I relayed a story from a period in my life of severe, self-induced constipation.

    But I'm civilized and used a real tool, a poo-driver.

  • Maybe those 20 seconds were because of the lack of getting raises?
  • Or, hear me out... buy a $20 box to lock the whip cream chargers in. That's what the ice cream place i used to work at did.

  • Cool distros to try
  • Distro-hop? Never. But getting something to work is way more satisfying to me than using that thing. (Slackware user since late 90s, recently diagnosed with adhd)

  • Systemd Looks to Replace sudo with run0
  • Slackware users won't! At least not so far.

  • Suggestions for filesystem.
  • Or, kick it old school with reiserFS

  • Help me choose a distro/stay on NixOS
  • Slackware current on btrfs for snapshots. Slackbuilds make the text go weeeeee, but the scripts will compile and build the package for you.

    Plasma 6 hasn't come over officially yet, but the main guy who put plasma together has a testing version out.

    You could probably get the official proton app running, but I'm good with protonvpn-cli.

    It's been led by the same one dude since the early 90s. There's nothing close to corporate about it. And there are great communities on IRC and matrix full of knowledgeable folks. And there's too.

  • Which file system do you recommend for Linux?
  • Thank you brave pioneers. I just felt confident to switch to btrfs last year.

  • Has anyone here ever tried Linux From Scratch?
  • I'm a long time slackware user, but I joined the party some time in 99 or 00.

    I never had the pleasure of installing from floppies, but I did compile my own kernels to speed up boot time. Sometimes they would boot, sometimes they wouldn't. That was part of the fun.

    I've been on a retro kick lately. I have a pentium 200 mmx based machine that will eventually run a floppy installed slackware. Or at least it will if I can get it to work.

  • Yatta!
    my insurance stopped covering name brand vyvanse

    And guess what is on back order at every nearby pharmacy? I'll give you a hint: it's not the $300 per month name brand.

    So I guess I switch to Adderall xr tomorrow?

    Memes downhomechunk [chicago]
    I want this
    i did my part?

    of course this month steam catches me for the survey on my $100 microcenter special that i lovingly call "the craptop." but i still hit submit.

    fatherverse downhomechunk [chicago]
    my daughter's first computer

    I finally found a use for an underpowered sbc I bought during the pandemic. I put Debian base, lightdm and sugar on it. It was a fun project for me. Hopefully it introduces a lifelong love of computers.

    She already had a text to speech robot saying things like poopy, fart, butt stink and fire in the hole. The apple doesn't fall too far from the dingleberry.

    fatherverse downhomechunk [chicago]
    she's eating it!

    When daddy is the chef de cuisine and some random shit in your fridge is expired but smells ok.

    Chat downhomechunk [chicago]
    Midwestern carnival fried desserts

    The oreo was delicious as you'd expect. The brownie bite was like hot brownie batter coated in pancake, powdered sugar and caramel sauce. I will absolutely do that again.

    Mistakes were made, but it's nothing tums and laying down can't fix.

    Chat downhomechunk [chicago]
    I mean, the oil is still hot from dinner

    What's that old friend? You want me to fry up some oreos and brownie bites? I mean I guess we can do it....

    fatherverse downhomechunk [chicago]
    my little gambler is in the hospital again

    I posted a picture of my little girl playing the slots yesterday. We had actually just come from an immediate care place. We told them she was starting a new UTI/kidney infection. She just got out of the hospital less than 2 weeks ago and has previous history with this problem.

    These infections go from zero to 100. She'll go from no fever to 106+ in under an hour. So we were desperate for some help yesterday. The doctor listened to our story, looked at the chart, and decided she was fine.

    Today we're back in the ER with another runaway infection. We came because we couldn't control the fever that blew up out of nowhere. She's being admitted and will be here for several days. We are exhausted and disheartened.

    fatherverse downhomechunk [chicago]
    my daughter came up with a plan to pay off her medical bills

    She was up $0.80 at one point, but chose to reinvest her winnings into more spins. This proved to be a strategic blunder, though, as she walked away penniless and disheartened about 15 seconds later.

    90's Music downhomechunk [chicago]
    letters to cleo - awake (1995)

    Have fun trying to get this hook out of your head.

    letters to cleo - awake

    I've been on a power pop kick the past couple days.

    Memes downhomechunk [chicago]
    here's one for the pinkos
    sick list - mexican cheerleader

    Chicago's punk rock supergroup from the early 00s

    fatherverse downhomechunk [chicago]
    new year's eve plans?

    What are you dads doing today?

    I'll go first:

    The Mrs found a local restaurant who are hosting a kids new years eve party at 3pm. We have reservations, there will be a meal, countdown, ball drop, the works. My 4 yo daughter is PUMPED! (We are too).

    Memes downhomechunk [chicago]
    I wouldn't have it any other way