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Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil protesters - BBC News
  • Idk if petite bougeouis theatrics while trudging towards calamity is any better than doing it quietly. Maybe a little. And fuck the Mona Lisa. But defacing an archaeological site (even temporarily) for bougeouis theatrics is just icky

  • Child Advocates Back Surgeon General's Call for Tobacco-Like Warnings on Social Media
  • You're doing the same thing antivaxers do. Doing your own research on pubmed is honestly a terrible way to reach conclusions, unless you have the necessary background in that field. OR if there's a metaamalysis published in a journal that has a more generalist audience.

    And you didn't even link to the studies or give citations

  • Child Advocates Back Surgeon General's Call for Tobacco-Like Warnings on Social Media
  • My opinion is mostly based on commentary and articles in the journal Nature. Every year or so they publish something about how there are some correlations, but very little evidence of a causative link, and more research is needed.

    I don't claim to be an expert, and its possible nature had lead me astray. But following a popular, general journal like nature is a better way to reach conclusions than a pubmed search (unless you have the necessary training)/experience to interpret papers on childhood psychology, which I don't)

  • Child Advocates Back Surgeon General's Call for Tobacco-Like Warnings on Social Media
  • I hate social media, And think it's probably harmful to kids. But the evidence just isn't there. Where are the meta reviews? Is there a Cochrane study? No, it's just based on vibes. And I doubt the surgeon general is homophobic, but I can guarantee this will be used to further the current trans/gay panic

  • U.S. Considers Expanded Nuclear Arsenal, a Reversal of Decades of Cuts
  • Biden is doing everything in his power to eliminate the argument that trump is worse/less responsible/more bellicose.

    As a trans person, I still hope genocide joe wins for my own personal safety. but I'm also aware that safety provided by dems is tenuous at best. Especially if we decide to fry the planet over Taiwan and Crimea.

  • Music podcasts?

    Looking for recommendations of music podcasts. The only one I listen to is Afropop worldwide, which is one of my favorite podcasts/radio shows . I realize there aren't a ton of straight-up music podcasts because of copyright issues, but what have you got?

    2 ‘Yemen at a crossroads’: Nearly 200 aid groups issue urgent funding appeal

    Only a fraction of funds needed to provide aid to millions in the war-torn country is secured, the groups say.

    ‘Yemen at a crossroads’: Nearly 200 aid groups issue urgent funding appeal

    The nature podcast went from having one of the best intros to one of the worst

    Their original intro was a banger. It's something like a ringtone trying to do pop punk. 5 seconds into the intro, the hosts start telling you the upcoming stories as the music fades in and out. A host tells the date and her name, then the other hosts introduce themselves. 40 seconds in, the show starts. The whole time that song was fun. A+ intro. I would have no problem listening to the intro anywhere.

    Compare that to their current intro. It's a slow dollar store Brian eno jingle that swells as you hear the most cliche'd clips about what science is. You have an old professorial European talking about "data". You have an annoying kid asking a question about light. 40 seconds into the intro, and you're just getting the headlines. That just takes a few seconds, then you're forced to suffer through 10 more seconds of the Brian eNot.

    An example of the old intro: after just 5 seconds you're hearing about mollusk fossils

    Example of the new intro: It's cringe. I would die if someone heard that intro coming from my car (still a good podcast though).


    Open source e reader

    I recently got a Sony prs 600 e reader from 2009. The battery is at the end of its life (It lasts about 3 days with heavy reading, and a couple weeks without reading). No backlight, no Wi-Fi, just an SD card that I can load epub files and small PDFs. The screen is slow and the contrast isn't the best. The "touch screen" is the old resistive type where you really need to press with your nail or a stylus. Despite all those flaws, it's fantastic. It's just good enough for reading books.

    I read with large text so I don't even need to put on glasses, and it's easier to read than an actual book. Combined with Anna's archive, I'm reading more than I ever have before. No Wi-Fi nd slow screen make the experience feel closer to an actual book than a smartphone. It's great to just have a device do one thing without distractions popping up every minute.

    It's all old technology, but it's so rare to see anyone with an e-reader. Probably because they're still expensive and designed to microtransact the fuck out of you.

    So do you think there could be a simple open source e reader? I see pine64 is making the "pinenote", but it's still just the developer version, it's expensive, doesn't have an sd card, and looks like it's trying to be a lot more than an reader. Maybe it'll come down in cost, or they'll release a simpler version? The biggest obstacle for making an e-reader seems to be the screen, so maybe the pinenote's screen could become something of a standard.

    Or maybe I'm overthinking it, because there's already so many old Kindles and nooks out there that could be improved with a new battery and maybe new firmware too.



    Bangladesh opens mosque for transgender hijra community Photos: Bangladesh opens mosque for transgender hijra community

    The South Asian nation has, since 2013, officially allowed members of the hijra community to identify as a third gender.

    Photos: Bangladesh opens mosque for transgender hijra community

    Democracy rule

    I need y'all to understand: Biden isnt losing votes from the far left. He never had those votes, and could never get them.

    He's losing the votes of Muslims and Arabs in Michigan and Philly. He's losing the votes of moderates who are watching Israel's final solution in horror. He's losing the votes of Latinos and Haitians who see the southern border is getting more militarized and more violent every year

    [Edit] to be 100% clear: If you oppose Israel's war on Palestine, but plan on voting for Biden this November,this post isn't about you.