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Stay Mad, Tankies
  • ...Okay. Vibe check failed.

    Based on what you wrote, I'm almost certain you can't vote, so the topic is moot.

    If you're actually an adult... That's sad.

    The idea that there wouldn't be bigotry if nobody made it a big deal is conservative Regan era white racism that you picked up from your parents. Maybe your grandparents.

    The idea that "move or fight" are your two solutions is an infantile mindset. Why should I move away from the place of my birth because of who I am? To abandon my family and weaken my economic standing? How could I fight a man who wants to kick my teeth in because he found out I'm a tranny? What do I do when an employer denies me a job because I'm "not a good fit"?

    You think presidents have no impact on our lives. You think Carter would have killed the same number of queers. You think Mondale would have had the same war on drugs. You think Gore would have loosened EPA regulations. You think Lieberman would have slashed corporate taxes. You think McCain and Romney would have appointed sane justices; that gay marriage would be legal. You think Clinton would have appointed anti abortion justices.

    Every elder gay I know lost multiple friends in the 80s. My life was changed because of the Iraq war. The weather in my area is more erratic because of climate change. Who I was allowed to marry was changed by the obergefell decision. My ability to continue with IVF treatment was ceased due to the abortion ban.

    No president has failed to affect my life. To say that they haven't affected yours betrays your naivete, your privilege, or both.

  • All Hail King Biden the First
  • Our legal system is a continuation of the English common law system of the American colonies.

    The magna carta falls within English legal history and is widely viewed as the first step in regulating the behavior of the king.

    This supreme court ruling seems to allow the President to break the law.

    It's my own comparison, but I think it's quite good.

    I could also say that they've made the presidency into a dictatorship (in the Roman usage of the word). That's actually unfair to dictators since their unlimited power was narrow in scope, and they could be prosecuted when they left office. Ceasar was the last Roman dictator.

  • California Moms for Liberty chair’s shocking attack on drag queens goes viral
  • I feel that "normalizing assault" might paint an inaccurate picture of what the article contains.

    I, a trans woman living in the American South, am already living under the sword of damoclese when it comes to the threat of unprovoked physical assault. I personally prefer not to add onto this stress with misconceptions.

  • I was looking up how battery free pens work and found this.
  • What portion of the electromagnetic field is produced by the display?

    Do these pens work with tablets that have ePaper displays?

    (no experience with these pens; STEM nerd popping in from the main page. I was only aware of styluses <stylusi? styli? styleese?> and battery pens)

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • Hey! You read all of my comment this time. Thank you for extending the bare minimum of effort. In return, I'll read your comments; It's a reciprocal relationship.

    So, in your view, elections change nothing and we're all sheeple. True change will occur during the revolution; elections have no consequences. Answer me this:

    For a trans woman, living in the American South, would another Trump presidency lower quality of life for her, raise it, or would it stay roughly the same?

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • Two serial murderers, one with a higher body count and is also a pedophile, rapist, con man, national security threat, insurrectionist, and convicted felon.

    And at that point, it's not an analogy any more.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • So in your reality, what happens?

    Seriously, what are you hoping to gain? What's the desired effect?

    The progressive faction just.... never votes. What happens? Magic? Revolution?

    You're the sane one, so tell me.