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All the ways streaming services are aggravating their subscribers this week
  • Way easier, the catalogs are ready for you, you don't need to download anything in advance, you can use it in any device too.

    If you use real debrid, there's no need for VPN either. So it's cheaper also.

    It's also very low in maintenance, I touch my configuration every 3 months to update my details and that's it.

  • All the ways streaming services are aggravating their subscribers this week
  • Stremio + Real debrid.

    Stremio is a platform to watch any media you like (works very similar to Plex), you can use it as it is, and install the plugins that are more useful to you (torrentio for example). If your country has strict laws, then you can use real debrid to convert the torrents to direct downloads, you just need to open an account in real debrid, pay a few dollars a month (no need to pay for a VPN as direct downloads are ok), and link your account to stremio, and then you'll have access to lots of content.

    But I only use it to watch the latest linux distributions, nothing like spending a Sunday afternoon watching Fedora 40 while it's raining outside.

  • Elon Musk Says He'll Reinstate Twitter Account Of Hitler-Loving White Supremacist
  • I am in academia, and I hate how everyone in my field interacts there. Even my supervisor posts relatively important news there (new papers published or conferences etc).

    I used to check it without logging in. But now I can't see a thread without logging in. From all the fields, I thought academia was the first to leave, but no. I tried the mastodon but it is still a ghost town..

  • Spotify quietly moves lyrics behind a paywall.
  • You basically need professional headphones and speakers to notice any difference, my guess is that 99% of Spotify customers have headphones that didn't cost more than $100, so why would they care? I mean, I have nice headphones and speakers and after some blind tests I couldn't notice any difference.

  • U.S. likely to enact a law soon that could ban TikTok nationwide, President Joe Biden vowed to sign it into law
  • Check out the new video by "some more news", it's more comedy than anything, by it deals with some reputable sources.

    The effect is not clear cut, and there are many other confounding effects that might be more important, and being glued to your phone might be a symptom more than a cause, but I agree that excessive social media and short format videos are bad for you, but that can be said about video games or even regular games.

  • U.S. likely to enact a law soon that could ban TikTok nationwide, President Joe Biden vowed to sign it into law
  • Yeah, I'm almost 100% sure the "tiktok is damaging kid's brains" is the millennial equivalent of boomers "videogames and TV are damaging kid's brains".

    I'm a millennia by the way, and we are starting to sound a bit afraid of technologies.

  • The US has so much space
  • Exactly, it's a ridiculous example because it sounds just as ridiculous as saying US and EU are in principle the same type of union.

    I was being hyperbolic with my last sentence so you can see how ridiculous your statement sounds to me.

  • The US has so much space
  • True, but my point is that if a country decides not to follow one of the directives, they can just leave if they want, they are agreements that they want to be part of, they are not merely imposed by EU. Nothing like the US and their federal government.

    This is like saying that marriage and a double match of tennis are the same type of union or follow the same principle, no, they are not.

  • The US has so much space
  • Sure dude, EU and US, same principle, same as united nations, united airlines and IUPAC. Same principle, they are a union of things, if you mean that as "principle", sure.

    EU doesn't have rules that everyone has to follow, they have agreements, that are often very specific between nations. UK was part of the EU with their own currency for example. So no, it's not the same type of union, unless you simplfiy it to "union of things"which of course is the same principle.

    Also any member of the EU can leave unilaterally (like the UK), not so much for the US. I don't think they follow the same principle, again, unless you think of it just as a "union of things"

  • The US has so much space
  • "not much unlike"? They are both nothing alike, except that they are some sort of union.

    I mean, if you say that in real life to anyone who is half aware of how the government works, they would laugh at you.

  • The US has so much space
  • What no... What are you talking about? EU is not even close to the government structure of the US. Starting that each EU country has their own military, and the EU president has absolutely no power on each of the EU members military.

  • Is there a way to add "Run as Sudo" to context menu like with Windows?
  • OP asks a relatively simple question, and gets scolded as it committed murder.

    For all we know OP is the only user and is just playing with Linux, and just wants a simple (probably unnecessary) shortcut because he's GUI oriented.

    This is kind of someone asking how to open their lunchbox easier, and get treated like they are giving a copy of their house keys to everyone in town.

    Chill... Not everyone is running a maximum security level server. If OP screws their system (like most of us do at some point), I'm sure a fresh re-install would be enough for them.

  • Microsoft won't update your Windows 11 PC if it has these apps
  • No one has said it's Linux's fault... But unfortunately it's still an issue Linux users have to deal with.

    Also, not everyone is the CTO of their company to demand other suppliers. Most people are stuck with company policy that they have absolutely no say in it. Companies are not democracies.

  • Why Personal Cloud Storage is so bad on Linux?

    The main cloud services don't even work natively (GoogleDrive, OneDrive, iCloud) basically the only mainstream choice is Dropbox. I tried to use Google Drive in Mint, and it's a pain to get it to work, and usually it stops working after computer restarts.

    Someone has a recommendation about how to handle these services?