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Julian Assange's sexual assault accuser is "happy" he's free
  • I don’t know that he has refused, but he definitely allowed Russia to play him like a fiddle in having him publish the DNC hack (and let’s not forget, it was a hack, not a leak) while holding on to RNC hacked data.

    I have questions on if Trump wins in 2016 without Assange, and that’s enough to make me hate him.

  • This is high key her fault...
  • I still remember how, as people on the ground in Michigan were seeing it coming and begging for more GOTV volunteers, her campaign flatly refused, instead sending volunteers to Iowa thinking she could win a red state and dunk on Trump. After all, the info on the ground couldn’t be better than their New York polling.

    She thought she could just with by being not Trump (which, sure, should have been enough), but decided to not provide anything to vote for, rather than just voting against Trump.

    She wins, we still have Roe and a bevy of other positive SCOTUS decisions from a 5-4 liberal court (maybe even 6-3). But she and Ginsburg screwed us over.

  • The Supreme Court rules that state officials can engage in a little corruption, as a treat
  • People are way overreacting to this. This decision was 100% about a federal statute. Unaffected are the MANY, MANY state and local laws preventing state and local government employees from taking gifts.

    Edit: for y’all downvoters, even the linked article states

    In any event, the decision in *Snyder *is narrow. It does not rule that Congress could not ban gratuities. It simply rules that this particular statute only reaches bribes.

  • The Supreme Court rules that state officials can engage in a little corruption, as a treat
  • Yet another thing that tens of millions of people across the country would instantly lose their job for

    Would they? Vendors in the private sector are constantly handing out goodies to clients. Sports tickets, food, gift baskets and more. Hell, I’ve seen vendors pay for vacations in the private sector.

    Also, as the case states, these things are largely illegal to varying degrees at the state level for state and local employees. This decision just said the Feds can’t pile on with additional charges.

  • A reminder to love nature
  • So you want us to somehow magically have the greenhouse gas emissions of an Indian, but think we can just have a high standard of living by having Soviet-style housing blocks (famous for being bleak and depressing)? That does not seem grounded in reality.

    Edit: and meat is one of the few things I can eat. Not giving that up. Humans have eaten meat since before civilization. It’s a clear sign that overpopulation is a major issue that something that humans have done for eons is suddenly a problem.

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • Nope. Everything is gas. Range, water heater, dryer, and heat. The only 2 pole breaker I have is for central AC.

    My house was built in the 1940s. 200 amp service didn’t become standard until the 80s.

    I know level 1 charging is there (although I also only have one exterior outlet), ~3 miles per hour of charging is tight. I need to be plugged in at least 10 hours for just my commute.

    And, yeah, you hit on the big problem. EVs are expensive and are only really accessible to those already at the upper end of the spectrum. Belief that gas engines are more powerful or have more instant torque is not what is keeping people from EVs, so the point Randall makes is pretty stupid.

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • Purchase price, higher maintenance costs (EVs eat tires due to the increased weight and higher torque), installation of charging infrastructure (some us need expense electrical service upgrades and added wiring; we don’t all have 200 amp panels and garages with 30 amp 240v service already wired in)

    I’d love an EV, but I won’t be afforded Int one for a bit. And used ones, even if cheaper, will have massive battery degradation cutting range way down.

  • Four Roses 2023 LE Lotto

    Four Roses limited edition is always one of the best releases of the year, with a blend of several recipes for barrels hand selected. You would need to buy the bottle ($200) at the distillery between September 15th – October 15th.


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    Reddit derf82

    Libreddit and Teddit are practically dead

    It appears API rate limiting has effectively killed these alternatives. You essentially get nothing but “Too many requests” 429 errors.

    Lemmy sadly does not have the active niche news and discussions I want. But now nothing can be read without going to Reddit. I hate Spez


    Bodycam of Lorain Cop Elliot Palmer shooting a Golden Retriever, including multiple times after the dog tried to run away (warning - animal shot in video)

    What a garbage human being this cop is. I don't even like dogs, and I can tell that dog was zero threat. Yet he shot the dog, and even continued firing as the dog was running away. And it is clear this asshole doesn't even care, and it is clear Lorain Police just want to sweep it under the rug. It is sickening. Sign the petition to remove this officer:


    Bourbon! For reviews, news, and distillery tours Bourbon -

    A place to discuss bourbon-related news, reviews, the bourbon trail, BUT NOT WHISKEYPORN

    Bourbon -

    Bourbon Trail Map Google Maps

    Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

    Here is a map I made of tours and tastings on the Bourbon trail (or trail adjacent) in Kentucky. Enjoy planning!


    Welcome to Bourbon!

    Welcome to the Bourbon community! This is a place to discuss reviews, news, bourbon tourisim, and other things related to America's spirit. A few rules:

    1. No whiskey porn, store alerts, bottle pricing, or selling/trading.
    2. You can talk about bourbon or any other American-style whiskey (rye, wheat whiskey, American single malt, etc). Scotch & Japanese whiskey, however, can stay on their own communities.