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BP-owned company is selling carbon credits on trees that aren’t in danger, analysis finds
  • True, but I wonder how much is retained vs released. You can get little fungus CO2 generators so I assume a significant amount is released.

    IIRC, the reason old trees were able to sink carbon into oil was because they sunk underwater and didn’t decompose in an aerobic manner. Gotta get that carbon back into the deep underground somehow.

  • People are just now finding out that there are 27 letters to the alphabet
  • It’s & - ampersand aka “and per se and”. The article also mentions these:

    lost letters include thorn (þ) – a soft "th" sound – and Wynn (ƿ), which was replaced by "uu", before this was superseded by "w". Ethel (Œ) – pronounced like the "oi" in "oil" – has also been lost, in favor of using vowel combinations to get the same job done. Yogh (ȝ) was briefly a way to denote the "ch" sounds, as found at the end of "loch", but was soon abandoned, and the specific sound it denotes rarely used in English anymore.

  • What was the first effective cure for a disease in history?
  • Saying consuming vitamin c is the cure for vitamin c deficiency is like saying water is the cure for dehydration.

    If that’s the standard for “cures” then animals figured out the cure for dehydration before humans even existed.

  • What was the first effective cure for a disease in history?
  • Going to stake out a position on this one- also not a cure, you’re just stopping the spread of disease. The limb you just cut off is not cured in any form. Those bacteria are living just fine.

    It’s like cutting a firebreak in the woods during a wildfire, it’s not actually putting out the fire, just containing it. Maybe I’m being too pedantic, but many of these examples do not seem like cures to me.

    If you think my idea of "cure" sucks just tell me, don't drive by downvote. I could be wrong, it's happened many times before. I'm here for a discussion, maybe you can change my view. It's just IMO, many of these are not cures.

  • What was the first effective cure for a disease in history?
  • Vaccines are preventative medicine, they’re not cures. I’d say cures are something that eliminates a condition after it’s acquired. Vaccines do nothing if you’re already actively infected. Opium does not eliminate pain, it masks it temporarily, thus it’s not a cure. It’s a treatment.

    I’d say arsphenamine, it was the first modern anti-microbial agent.

  • Racing game recommendation
  • Had a lot of fun with both Horizon 4 & 5, great mix of arcade and sim. Tons of cars, just about everything is viable. Lots of accessibility options, should be a good fit for just about anyone.

    Forza Motorsport (2023) on the other hand is a massive disappointment. Avoid. Driving dynamics are good and more simmy, but everything else is a downgrade from its 7 year old predecessor. Kind of amazing how terrible it is. Apparently Microsoft had developers constantly rotating out on short contracts and it shows.

  • iPhone users, what's stopping you from switching to Android?
  • Locked down bootloaders. If it’s not my device, I’m going for the prettiest walled garden. I was with Android from Droid X until Galaxy S8; not being able to flash my own ROM on the S8 was the reason I left for an iPhone.

    I also don’t want to have to sysadmin my mom’s Android phone that was constantly having bullshit apps installed. Apple’s walled garden makes my life as family sysadmin significantly easier.

  • Microsoft is not buying Valve and Counter-Strike for £12 billion Microsoft is not buying Valve & Counter-Strike for £12 billion - unsurprisingly

    A rumour that Microsoft wants to take over the PC market with a £12 billion acquisition of Valve is being ridiculed on social media.

    Microsoft is not buying Valve & Counter-Strike for £12 billion - unsurprisingly
    Microsoft Flight Simulator deranger

    FL430 over Utah in the Longitude


    Transfer favorite communities between accounts?

    Is it possible to transfer favorite communities from an account on one server to another? Say for example I'd like to have an alt with the same favorites on another server for a backup. Is this possible with wefwef or other means?

    Looking to get my main off to help load balance, but I don't want to refavorite everything; if I could somehow keep them in sync that would be ideal.