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You all prefer Summer/Winter Tires or All-Weather Tires more?
  • Disagree, strongly. Modern high performance all seasons fucking rip. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S or Continental Extreme Contact are very good tires. They’re not as good as dedicated summer/winter tires but they’re very far from sucking. If you don’t deal with snow (inches of accumulation) then good all seasons are more than adequate.

  • Bacterial enzyme strips away blood types to create universal donor blood
  • Having worked in the blood bank I just don’t see this as a massive win. Win, sure. Massive? ABO issues are a tiny fraction of what the blood bank deals with. If all blood was O neg blood bankers would still have a busy job. I’d be more excited to see a development in reducing TRALI, creating 30 day platelets or something like that. I just don’t see this as fundamentally changing much in the blood bank. More O is good of course, but blood bank is way more involved than that.

  • Technology Connections - The simple, clever sensor behind automatic windshield wipers
  • As someone who has avidly been reading manuals since the early 90s, car manuals have always been pretty good. Home audio/video equipment has also had great manuals over the years too. I don’t recall a time these turned to shit.

    Motherboards / BIOS documentation comes in dead last, and has always been shit. Dozens and dozens of proprietary settings that are not described by the manual nor the built in help, and there’s only conjecture online. At least now the English is mostly correct, but they’re still very bad at describing what niche settings do.

  • Lawsuits test Tesla claim that drivers are solely responsible for crashes
  • I’m saying the technology leads to more harm than good in its current implementation. I don’t care it’s better than your Audi, it still sucks overall. “Used correctly” shouldn’t be a huge factor in a good design. It should be easy to use correctly and hard to use incorrectly. This is not the current state. It’s very easy to use incorrectly, as you admit, and the accidents demonstrate this.

  • The EPA is again allowing summer sales of higher ethanol gasoline blend, citing global conflicts | AP News
  • It is, old cars don’t do well with ethanol gas but it doesn’t affect modern vehicles. Ethanol is great in modern turbocharged direct injection engines as it increases the latent heat of vaporization of the fuel, which cools the charge when fuel is injected. I had a Ford Fiesta ST that ran E40 (mixed E85 and 93 in the tank) and it allowed me to run the boost to the limits of what the turbo could do. That little 1.6L engine had 300ft-lb of torque at 2000rpm, it was wild. All that ethanol did a great job preventing detonation at high boost / low rpm. The downside is higher ethanol makes for worse gas mileage as it’s not as energy dense, and I believe it emits more CO2. There’s also food vs fuel and corn subsidies issues with ethanol as fuel.

  • Why people are boycotting Asus all of a sudden? Asus outrage explained
  • I miss the old Gigabyte Dual BIOS, where it had a backup BIOS in case the default got corrupted.

    This is on many higher end enthusiast/overclocking type motherboards, I’ve had it on multiple MSI and Gigabyte boards.

  • Reddit embracing all out enshittification
  • The style in which that post by Ophelia_SK is written seems exactly like chatGPT. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly makes me feel so strongly, but it’s something to do with how sentences and paragraphs are constructed. They always have the same cadence with the commas and how thoughts are laid out. It’s got that generically positive tone as well.

    Kinda cool though, I feel like I’m becoming able to spot these. It’s like being able to spot a photoshop by the pixels. I’ve seen quite a few shops in my time.

  • Had me for a while there
  • A United States. You wouldn’t say “an uniform”. You would say “an underling”. First one has a y sound to start, second has a u sound to start. The usage of a/an depends on the next sound, not the next letter.

  • Land Rover EV conversion packs in-wheel motors, weighs same as original
  • I’d like to see something like that but published and peer reviewed. That’s just an article, they could be trying to sell in wheel motors for all I know. It does says there’s an effect, and that it needs additional engineering work to iron out. Ride quality and grip were negatively affected. Check out figure 1, subjective ratings of ride quality take a hammering.

    Unsprung mass sucks and I noticed a difference eliminating 20 lbs from my car. Adding in heavy electric motors would absolutely be a detriment.

  • flightsim deranger

    [MSFS] A gorgeous sunset in Norway

    Microsoft Flight Simulator deranger

    Learned the A320 recently, really enjoying my intro to airliners.