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Trump lied and Biden got tongue tied at the first debate. So why is the world only focusing on one?
  • Biden didn't get tongue tied. He couldn't form complete sentences and kept losing his train of thought. Look at his videos from 2019. He was talking just fine, but still was a gaff machine.

    And Biden didn't even have the awareness to push back on the lies! He fucking argued with him over fucking Golf!

  • Biden says he 'screwed up' debate but vows to stay in election
  • Bro that was beyond a "screw up". He let his challenger say shit like "they are aborting kindergarteners", unchallenged. Trump knew instantly he had it in the bag as soon as Biden started farting out words.

  • Context
  • Oh yeah? Go ask some elderly folks if they want their Medicare and Social Security to go away. I asked that to some aging folks and the look of shock on their faces left an impression I'll never forget.