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Zelenskyy says Ukraine has taken back control in areas of Kharkiv region, aerial attacks continue
  • Ukraine is winning

    If you saw a bar fight, one dude was 6'2", 225 and everyone thought he was a monster but he's being battered around by someone half his size you wouldn't say the big guy is winning and certainly wouldn't say the little guy is losing.

    Russia takes more losses than Ukraine. Russia just has more fuel to burn.

  • Dungeons & Dragons will release its 2024 ruleset under a Creative Commons licence
  • It feels too tight for me. I dislike Wizards but 5e offers the right level of crunch and juicy mixed. Too much crunch becomes a war tactics simulator I'm not about.

    I prefer systems like Straight to VHS that really let creativity fly. I don't need a feat to tell me what makes me special

  • RFK Jr. is even crazier than you might think
  • To be honest though look at his family. They definitely have the story behind them for him to know this kinda shit. Deeper than the Trump lineage or the Clinton one. Up there with the Bush ones.

    If George W started saying this shit I'd think either dementia slip of the tongue or truth.

    /s (sorta)

  • They pissed
  • From my understanding though they weren't in a position of power and came from not the greatest backgrounds. I'd consider what happened to them exploitation and while they should be shamed a bit and not seen as artists the real assholes aren't them