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Before your change to Linux
  • XP.

    Windows was getting to be too much trouble to 🏴‍☠️, Vista didn't look that great, I couldn't afford to upgrade my hardware to accommodate the bloat, and desktop Linux was a lot more mature and ready to go out of the box.

  • The Supreme Court rules that state officials can engage in a little corruption, as a treat
  • 'That statute prohibits state officials from “corruptly” accepting “anything of value from any person, intending to be influenced or rewarded” for an official act.'

    This is quite literally the 'textualists' ignoring the text of the law. Creatively redefining what 'rewarded' means. Jackson's dissent is basically 'Did you read the text?', 'Do you think Congress knows what words mean?', and 'Do you own a dictionary?'

    It takes a lot of education to make a ruling this stupid. It should be impeachable.

  • Everything old is new again.
  • And a transparent price up front.

    It's annoying enough to get in a vehicle and not know how much it'll cost by the end of the trip (would you do this on a bus? Would you let an airline change the price of a ticket mid-flight?), but there's something viscerally galling about watching some asshole take a longer route just to pad out the fare. Last I checked, when Lyft or Uber gives you a price, that's the price.

  • What's an idea you have that should be an actual thing?
  • I mean, I suppose, but at that point it really hits the level of abstract principle rather than plausible policy. Kind of up there with "no more war", "ending hunger", or "socialism replacing capitalism".

    And while I do believe that a better world is possible, I really wanted to speak to things that are plausible in the existing political and economic climate in my lifetime.

  • [Meta] Did we drop the "what are you playing" monthly thread? Also, mods haven't been active for a while, should someone take over?
  • Playing Disco Elysium for the first time and it's really good. Reminds me a lot of Planescape: Torment. Really a breath of fresh air after Fallout 4.

    Fallout 4 had fun gameplay, but my god did the writing suck. There were a few good bits, but overall it was garbage. The 4-options-only dialogue system blew anyway, but the options were always "Yes", "No", "Meh/Sarcastic Yes", and "Tell me more!" It was terrible.

    At least in Skyrim you were a nobody that everyone wanted a piece of, you lack of internal motivation was understandable. The conflicts were between the groups were rooted in a history you woke up in the middle of. There were literally chaos gods (daedra) fucking shit up. For the love of god Bethesda, please just make the next Fallout game an actual RPG.

    Oh, and I also need to circle back around to Dave the Diver now that the Godzilla DLC is out.

  • What's an idea you have that should be an actual thing?
  • Yeah but there's no real international authority for that, and how am I supposed to get my national government to join a treaty organization for that purpose when neither it nor any lower level of my government offer anything similar?

  • Keycaps

    Hey folks. I was wanting to get a new set of keycaps for my work computer's keyboard, but I'm having a little trouble finding a set that seems like a good fit. I'm fishing for suggestions here.

    I'm looking for a set with XDA profile and a darker color scheme (the base is black). Most XDA profile caps I've seen on AliExpress seem to be on the lighter side, and most darker caps aren't XDA profile.

    And ideas?

    5 Clean, sustainable fuels made ‘from thin air’ and plastic waste

    Researchers have demonstrated how carbon dioxide can be captured from industrial processes – or even directly from the air – and transformed into clean,

    Clean, sustainable fuels made ‘from thin air’ and plastic waste