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Is everyone here leftist?
  • "In Marxist philosophy, the dictatorship of the proletariat is a condition in which the proletariat, or working class, holds control over state power. The dictatorship of the proletariat is the transitional phase from a capitalist and a communist economy..."

    Except, there's no such thing as a communist economy, so the transitional phase lasts as long as there's capital to reallocate. Then peoole start to flee across the barbed wire and the facade falls down.

  • Three Mile Island considers nuclear restart as Pa. lawmakers look to new tech to meet demand | StateImpact Pennsylvania
  • This is not how you get a surplus. This is how you get unreliable grid that's too expensive to operate and impossible to fix.

  • Is everyone here leftist?
  • Nope, but the dangerous ideologies are the norm here. It was quite shocking after switching from reddit.

  • Is everyone here leftist?
  • Communism is a conservative authoritarian dogma. The exact opossite of progress... or anarchy.

  • Report: Samsung's Android XR headset set for dev version in October, 2025 launch
  • Can't wait for them to abandon it. I still have a GearVR headset.

  • If everyone is fired by AI, who's going to buy the products and services made by the companies if no one has money anymore?
  • All kinds of people fatasize about the end of times. From the losely asociated groups of rednecks, to the religious cults. The rich just has a better budget for their hobbies, and their toys are more visible. Which, paradoxicaly, disqualifies them from the prepping game.

    Number one rule about the secret bunker is not telling anyone about the secret bunker.

  • The Science Behind Why Coke Tastes Better At McDonald's
  • Where I'm from, the mcdonalds coke is actually watered down, that's why it's better than the bottled coke. The bottled stuff is too sweet.

  • Steam Deck gets stuck on "connecting" to WiFi among other weirdness, persists after factory reset. Basically a paperweight at this point, please help.
  • The first original recovery image did not support ethernet connection. Steam wouldn't let you through the initial setup. Not sure if there's an updated image available these days.

  • Inside the 'Nightmare' Health Crisis of a Texas Bitcoin Town
  • It's not about what they do, it's about what people think they do! :D

    go into a field right under a huge windmill

    Must be nice to see them go up-close. I must add that to my bucket list.

  • Inside the 'Nightmare' Health Crisis of a Texas Bitcoin Town
  • rest of it reads like a copy-paste about the dangers of 5G cell towers

    I was just about to say boo-hoo, a dog gone bald, but 85 decibels measured from outside your window is brutal. There's a reason these farms are mostly built in the middle of the desert, on the oil fields, or near a dam, with no residential housing nearby.

    Yeah, every medical emergency in town will be blamed on Mara from now on, but I'm not even mad. They've got themselves into this mess. For those who don't know, they've built their entire marketing on being compliant with regulations :D

    The whole thing is awfully similar to the wind turbine controversy. The reasonable people spend years assuring the public that the windmills are not going to kill them, and then somebody comes up and says "Great! We're gonna build our windfarm right next to these houses".

  • The theory that we live in a simulation involves simulants running their own simulations; wouldn't that require impossibly more resources for the main sim?
  • I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re refering to as "theory", is in fact, a "hypothesis"...

  • The theory that we live in a simulation involves simulants running their own simulations; wouldn't that require impossibly more resources for the main sim?
  • Fellow macaque here. Not only that, but time does not even run 1:1 between 2 places in our own universe. Plus, there are all kinds of quantum fuckery, where we can't really detect all the properties of a certain particle, or the particles act like waves as long as they do not interact with anything, because... who knows?

  • Does anyone else feel like fireworks are a complete waste of money and a ridiculous amount of unnecessary Pollution?
  • wish they didn't go all night from every direction

    Sooo, what you really hate are your neighbors. Not the fireworks :D

    Welcome to the misanthropy club. We have cookies. But we're not sharing.

  • [Rumor] Valve may be working on official Waydroid (Android app) support for Steam
  • Before the steamdeck came out, I've been actually thinking about buying an android handheld console. The fact that the most android games were pay2win convinced me to wait for something better.

    However, getting an android app support, that's reliably set up, by someone else than me, and basically for free would still be nice!

  • New Report Argues Private Rail Is a Train Wreck, Public Ownership Needed
  • Government is better at X... because it can steal stuff. Yay for the government, I guess... :D

  • How did you get into bitcoin?
  • I've been into decentralized networks from a young age. I've already been running a tor node around 2009/2010. First time I've stumbled onto bitcoin was on the "banking" section of the hidden wiki, and of course I've dismissed it as just another scam.

    Then around a year later somebody published a relatively detailed blogpost about the inner workings of bitcoin on a local linux enthusiast news site, and it all just clicked. I was instantly hooked.

  • Is it practically impossible for a newcomer selfhost without using centralised services, and get DDOSed or hacked?
  • Of course security comes with layers, and if you're not comfortable hosting services publically, use a VPN.

    However, 3 simple rules go a long way:

    1. Treat any machine or service on a local network as if they were publically accesible. That will prevent you from accidentally leaving the auth off, or leaving the weak/default passwords in place.

    2. Install services in a way that they are easy to patch. For example, prefer phpmyadmin from debian repo instead of just copy pasting the latest official release in the www folder. If you absolutely need the latest release, try a container maintained by a reasonable adult. (No offense to the handful of kids I've known providing a solid code, knowledge and bugreports for the general public!)

    3. Use unattended-upgrades, or an alternative auto update mechanism on rhel based distros, if you don't want to become a fulltime sysadmin. The increased security is absolutely worth the very occasional breakage.

    4. You and your hardware are your worst enemies. There are tons of giudes on what a proper backup should look like, but don't let that discourage you. Some backup is always better than NO backup. Even if it's just a copy of critical files on an external usb drive. You can always go crazy later, and use snapshotting abilities of your filesystem (btrfs, zfs), build a separate backupserver, move it to a different physical location... sky really is the limit here.

  • Lemmy is a failed Reddit alternative
  • Being mainstream is exactly what I liked about reddit. It was the reincarnation of usenet. It has attracted all kinds of people doing all kinds of thing. Are you interested in swastika knitting? Piano jumping? Bathsponge sculpting? You can sure as hell find at least 2 other guys already doing it there.

  • Common printing questions
  • It has to go with the brain...

  • Faith Lemmy Online - A Lemmy instance for religious people to discuss religion and topics relevant to religion.
  • When we take decisions without knowing, ignorant decisions, we not only hurt ourselves, but those close to us. It's simple statistics.

    I wouldn't betray a love of my family or friends by willingly endangering them for my religious believes. See, the love argument goes both ways. :P

  • Braiins Mini Miner - BMM 100 Braiins Mini Miner - BMM 100 (pre-order)

    THIS IS A PRE-ORDER WITH EXPECTED DELIVERY IN SEPTEMBER 2024. Mine bitcoin at home now with the first-ever European mining hardware built with love in Prague. Whether you want to join a mining pool or try your luck at mining an entire bitcoin block solo, the choice is yours. The Braiins Mini Miner i...

    Braiins Mini Miner - BMM 100 (pre-order)

    Ever since the interview with Lukas Seyfrid (CZ), the chief of the hardware team, it was clear that Braiins is pivoting from the development of mining software, to building their own hardware.


    This, I believe, is the first iteration of their effort in form of a consumer product, and while it is unlikely to make you a financial return on the investment, it's small form factor and nice anodized aluminum case can allow pretty much anyone to become familiar with the process of bitcoin mining. Or terrorize the testnet. The choice is yours.

    I think I might buy one, just to try the viability of a pure solar setup.

    HW specifications:

    ||| | ------------- | ------------- | | Price (pre-order) | $199.00 | | Hashrate | ~1Th/s | | Power Consumption | 40W - 55W | | Number of hashboards | 1 | | Number of ASIC chips | 4 | | Cooling Type | Active | | Noise | 40 dB | | Air outlet temperature | 40-50 °C |

    But really, how much would it make in a year?

    If we assume the current price and difficulty stays the same, the block subsidy is 3.125 BTC, median fees around 0.2212 BTC, free electricity, you'd get 0.001 BTC per 12 months, which is roughly 65 USD. A little more than 3 years to break even.

    It's not going to break any records, but I'm still excited for what's to come next.

    5 Trezor Safe 5 | Secure Crypto Hardware Wallet

    Experience the new Trezor Safe 5 hardware wallet with color touchscreen & haptic feedback.

    Trezor Safe 5 | Secure Crypto Hardware Wallet

    It's a successor to the model T, with the new design inspired by the Safe 3, announced earlier this year.

    They promise nice, easy to use UI, color display, haptic feedback, gorilla glass. Several color variations are available, including the bitcoin-only orange option.

    AI Generated Music deafboy

    It is Wednesday my dudes! (AI Generated Music)

    AI Generated Music deafboy

    Your Mom by emas | Udio - AI Music Generator Udio | Your Mom [Full Track] by emas | AI Music Generator - Official Website

    Listen to Your Mom [Full Track] by emas on Udio. Discover, create, and share music with the world. Use the latest technology to create AI music in seconds.

    Udio | Your Mom [Full Track] by emas | AI Music Generator - Official Website
    0 Samourai Wallet Founders Arrested and Charged With Money Laundering

    Prosecutors are alleging Samourai Wallet laundered over $100 million in criminal proceeds.

    Samourai Wallet Founders Arrested and Charged With Money Laundering

    "Prosecutors are alleging Samourai Wallet laundered over $100 million in criminal proceeds."

    7 Phoenix and Wasabi exit US market amid self-custody wallet crackdown

    Phoenix Wallet and Wasabi Wallet will cease services for U.S. customers due to concerns about increased regulatory crackdowns in the country.

    Phoenix and Wasabi exit US market amid self-custody wallet crackdown

    "Recent regulatory action against Consensys and Samourai has instilled fear among other crypto service providers operating in the United States."

    • Wasabi is the main competitor to Samourai's whirpool mixing service. The only one flying under the radar currently is Joinmarket.
    • Phoenix is the Lightning network wallet where users keep custody of their funds, but the channel management is outsourced to the company. The only remaining self custodial lightning wallet that remains is Breez.

    While this news is deeply troubling, it might push further development to more sustainable trustless self-custodial solutions in the long term.

    AI Generated Music deafboy Gangsta Pope & Crew - SANCTE SPIRITUS | Suno

    west coast gangsta rap, spiritual, gregorian, pope song. Listen and make your own with Suno.

    Gangsta Pope & Crew - SANCTE SPIRITUS | Suno

    >"Veni Sancte Spiritus", sometimes called the Golden Sequence, is a sequence prescribed in the Roman Liturgy for the Masses of Pentecost and/or its octave, exclusive of the following Sunday.[1] It is usually attributed to either the thirteenth-century Pope Innocent III or to the Archbishop of Canterbury

    ... and this is the "west coast gangsta rap" version.

    0 How a 27-year-old busted the myth of Bitcoin’s anonymity

    Once, drug dealers and money launderers saw cryptocurrency as perfectly untraceable.

    How a 27-year-old busted the myth of Bitcoin’s anonymity

    A story about Sarah Meiklejohn, and how she started to analyze the blockchain back in 2013.

    cross-posted from:

    > > Once, drug dealers and money launderers saw cryptocurrency as perfectly untraceable.


    Who Are the Samaritans?

    The Solomon's temple in Jerusalem was a mistake... according to samaritan israelites, who follows 5 books of the old testament, and pray on Mt. Gerizim, 48km north of Jerusalem. THE place to worship God.

    Most of the european christians probably know the term only from the story about the good samaritan. Today I've learned not only they are still a thing, practicing their barebones version of judaism, but in addition to israel and the west bank, some of them even live and practice their religion in brazil.


    Zoroastrianism Explained

    The so called new religious movements are a guilty pleasure of mine. Some of their followers often claim to be inspired specifically by Zoroastrianism.

    But what is zoroastrianism? Apparently, it all started ~3000 years ago in the area currently known as iran, by the guy called Zarathustra. And although the number of active practitioners is rapidly declining, the ideas behind it affect us all to this day, as the christianity and islam seem to be highly inspired by the ideas behind zoroastrianism.


    A new type of vulnerability has been found, affecting the routing nodes, allowing the attacker to steal the amount locked in HTLC you're forwarding for them. Several scenarios and possible mitigations are suggested in the article.

    For more details, see the original paper:

    Discussion on


    Trezor Safe 3

    There's a new Trezor HW wallet available. It's a long awaited refresh of the original Trezor One. Two buttons, one screen, USB-C, and a new chip that makes it tick. Now with 100% more secure element!

    They also offer a new cold storage solution - . The form factor is similar to cryptosteel, but the mechanism of entering the seed phrase is different. You punch a bunch of holes in the metal plates. Depending on what material is used, I'd say it's much more fool proof compared to cryptosteel. If an unsuspecting nocoiner opens it, there is no risk of them just spilling all the letters out and financially ruining the whole family in the process.


    Is there any consumer grade nvme ssd that works flawlessly on linux?

    I've tried Apacer AS2280Q4 2TB and ADATA SWORDFISH 500 GB. Both report nvme nvme0: globally duplicate IDs for nsid 1 since Linux 5.19, if I attach more than one.

    Only the first drive is seen by the system. Workaround so far has been to stay on 5.15, but that's not a viable long-term solution.

    This error has been known for quite some time, and has been fixed downstream for specific distros and ssd models. Is there any chance the manufacturers will start to assign unique ID's to each drive, or mainline implements usable a universal workaround?


    Managed to get SOMETHING out of NOAA 19, using dipole

    Everyone knows helix antenna is needed for capturing NOAA satellite images, due to circular polarization of the signal, right?

    As I was listening to ISS APRS repeater (with great success!), I noticed NOAA 19 would pass over me shortly. Since the dipole was already set up outside, I decided to give it a go.

    Software used:

    • GQRX to capture the audio
    • Gpredict to know when to start the recording, and to compensate for the doppler shift
    • noaa-apt to convert the audio file to an image

    Hardware used:

    • branded USB dongle
    • 3 lousy USB extension cords
    • "Bunny ear" retractable dipole antenna that I got in a bundle with one of the SDRs

    Now, there is not much to see in the image, but I sure as hell can spot some clouds there, and that's much more than I actually expected!


    Can I use the same domain name for Lemmy and Mastodon?

    I'd like to self-host Lemmy or kbin and mastodon. I know I could use different subdomain for each, but I'd much rather keep it short. Something tells me, however, that other instances might not be happy about it.

    Is it doable?


    Shodan lifetime membership discount.

    Google is a search engine for human readable content. Shodan does the same for machine readable content.

    You can:

    • search for specific IP addresses, and it will show you the active ports, and running services.
    • search for a specific response header in the set of countries
    • browse through the screenshots of open VNC & RDP
    • open webcams
    • and more...

    The free accounts can use any feature, but the list of results is limited. But if you really want to look under the deck of the internet, the subscription is worth it.