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Cost by Protein Source
  • I don't see what you mean. The left axis is a measurement of cost per gram of protein. The bottom gives you a measurement of density. So anything lower on the chart is cheap for what you get and then the further right you go the smaller the portion required to consume to get that amount of protein.

  • With GPL, you're programming Freedom. With MIT, you're programming for free.
  • Pretty sure that with a permissive license you can just change the license of future versions as you want. Ex. v1 MIT license with thousanda.of contributors, v2 Commercial license with contributions from anyone who agrees to contribute to the new version and license. (Anyone can fork v1 and start their own licensed project)

  • Gen Z influencers who supported Biden in 2020 turn against him
  • Not powerless, but the fear of Trump (IMO a founded fear) is that he would abuse the office and be permitted to do so by his party members in Congress. I understand that people want Biden to do the same thing (for a real and good cause) but that would also be the end of American democracy.

  • Gen Z influencers who supported Biden in 2020 turn against him
  • Apparently you missed the part where he is a leading voice in a drive to deal with climate change and calls it an existential threat to humanity, uses the powers available him to pursue research and proposes monumental investments to deal with it. Do those investments line up with every one of your points, maybe not, but I'm certain that far more informed individuals than we will be in the rooms to debate which are more deserving and workable. But all of that is entirely dependent on legislative action. It is simple to do a cursory search of White House press releases to see what executive actions the Biden administration has taken, and they are not few.

  • Gen Z influencers who supported Biden in 2020 turn against him
  • He didn't take credit, he actually detailed a lot of the credit due in his speech. But yes, it is the fact that he made a big deal about a progressive social issue that is an example of being more progressive than his predecessors. If you are looking for progressive things done without congressional action, you're not going to find any, ever. That's just not how our government works.

  • Gen Z influencers who supported Biden in 2020 turn against him
  • Good news then his administration has been on point for the messaging

    Today — today, I’m proud to announce that my administration just released the Fifth Climate Assessment in our nation’s history.

    It didn’t just come out of thin air. Written over four years, 750 authors and experts, thousands — thousands of American contributors from every single state in the nation as well as several territories and Tribes.

    It’s the most comprehensive assessment on [the] state [of] climate change in the history of America. And it matters.

    This assessment shows us in clear scientific terms that climate change is impacting all regions, all sectors of the United States — not just some, all.

    It shows that communities across America are taking more action than ever to reduce climate risks and warns that more action is still badly needed.

    We can’t be complacent. Let me say that again: We can’t be complacent. We have to keep going.

    Above all, it shows us that climate action offers an opportunity for the nation to come together and do some really big things.

    You know, I’ve seen firsthand what the reports made clear: the devastating toll of climate change and its existential threat to all of us. And it is the ultimate threat to humanity: climate change.