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dabaldeagul Da Bald Eagul

18NB🏳️‍⚧️, die/diens (they/them)

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Sexual dimorphism rule
  • It is sexual, because the big noses are supposed to be attractive to the female monkeys. It shows the male is healthy and thus worth it to reproduce with.

  • Make the Ruleopean Union Better
  • No problem! Saw it a while ago and was reminded. Was surprised to see no one posted it in this community yet, so I took the liberty of doing it :)

  • Rockstar might be bringing GTA+ to Nintendo Switch
  • Did you miss the announcement? They released a trailer, which revealed the year it's releasing. 2025. It was even leaked a few hours beforehand, which was quite a big deal in itself.

  • Make the Ruleopean Union Better

    ⚠️WARNING⚠️ certified NOT-A-SHITPOST!!

    This is a petition from EU citizens, who believe conversion therapy should be explicitly illegal in the European Union. If this petition reaches 1 000 000 votes, and at least 7 EU member states have reached their own "threshold" of minimum local votes, the European Commision will be obligated to consider this. So please, if you are able, vote on this Citizen's Initiative, and share it with others! The submissions close May 17th, 2025.

    Below is the description on the Initiative page:

    > Objectives > We call on the European Commission to propose a binding legal ban on conversion practices targeting LGBTQ+ citizens in the European Union:

    > Conversion Practices are interventions aimed at changing, repressing or suppressing the sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression of LGBTQ+ persons.

    > Such practices, due to their discriminatory, degrading, harmful and fraudulent nature have been qualified as torture by the United Nations, and are currently being banned in a growing number of States.

    > The EU plays a key role in the protection of fundamental rights and should take actions to fight against all inhuman practices. The Commission should propose a directive adding conversion practices to the list of euro-crimes and/or amend the ongoing directive on equality (2008) to include a ban on these practices.

    > Furthermore, to fight against the legislative moratorium, the Commission should also enforce a non-binding resolution calling for a widespread ban of conversion practices in the EU.

    > Finally, we call on the Commission to amend the Victims’ Rights Directive to establishes minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of conversion practices.

    > All member states should introduce a ban on conversion practices or review their current ones.

    Anyone else tested the new recording feature?
  • It is supposed to work. But it is a beta, so it isn't perfect yet. There's a steam discussion forum where you can report bugs like this.

  • Anyone else tested the new recording feature?
  • Depends on what you configure it to. You can select the recording bitrate, and the amount of time it records for in minutes. I have selected 24mb/s (highest available currently) for 240 mins, and it says it'll take up a maximum of roughly 40-45 gigs.

  • Anyone else tested the new recording feature?
  • You select a time period in minutes as input. It'll spit out how much storage it'll take up based on that + the selected quality (bitrate). I have selected 240 minutes and 24mb/s (highest available bitrate at this time), and the estimate it gave me was 40-45 ish gigs.

    Edit: based on the OP screenshot, 60 min at 24mbs takes up 10.8gb:

    60/10.8*500/60 ≈ 46.3 hours, nearly 2 days @ 500gb max storage.

  • Otter rule
  • The DougDiug streams shall never be the same :'(

  • Otter rule
  • So Rosa from the Monterey Bay Aquarium didn't pass away, you stole her??

  • The void stares back
  • Go buy some tickets then

  • In celebration of Independence Day
  • "I don't want u & me to be a thing anymore"

  • AMD Frame Generation On The Steam Deck Is Here With FSR 3.1
  • FSR1 doesn't have frame gen though, which is what the commenter wishes for.

  • Low GPU usage on cyberpunk and possibly others
  • If the CPU isn't reporting 100% usage, is it running multicore? There's a setting in Cyberpunk to switch between single and multi core modes. This may help.

  • The cycle of pants continues
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world!

  • The Framework Laptop 13 is about to become one of the world’s first RISC-V laptops
  • I doubt it, there are some grammar mistakes in there I think. At least, it doesn't look like the typical ChatGPT writing style.

  • There are at least 19 Linux Distros.
  • The boot function should have some kind of randomization in it, so it only boots about 50% of the time. Either that, or include a random string in every download of the iso, so that only half of the downloads work.

  • Ik zie geen up- en downvotes meer
  • Hi! Ik ben geen expert op Lemmy oid, maar wat meer informatie zou waarschijnlijk helpen met het oplossen van je probleem.

    • Welke cliënt gebruik je om Lemmy te bereiken?
    • Welke browser gebruik je? (Als van toepassing)
    • Welk platform gebruik je? (Android, iOS, Windows, etc)
    • Heb je geprobeerd uit- en weer in te loggen?
  • Smudge
  • :3

  • Are ya winning son?
  • The cat is holding up the deck. As soon as the kitty leaves it gets kinda sketch