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Consumers are so demoralized by inflation and high rates they've given up on saving for the American Dream and are spending money instead, economist says
  • It'd really be great if journalists even attempted "educating" readers or providing meaningful context. But then again, would it get this kind of traction?

    The interesting story here is that interest rates are raised to SLOW spending and encourage saving. The interest rates spiked to CURB inflation. It has worked, despite most journalists seeming keenness for it not to, for the most part. If consumers and businesses reduce their spending due to higher costs of borrowing, this will bring down prices over time, aligning with the Fed's inflation targets.

    No one explains this to the average person, ever. Ironically, the story here should be consumers are spending money even when saving it should be incentivized because they can't afford not to... because of profiteering by large companies, grocery chains, etc as well as stagnate wages for the past few decades. This means that inflation will creep up faster than it should because of demand-driven inflation. This makes the problem worse for low-income earners.

    It seems to me that THAT type of inflation might require less of an "interest rate adjustment fix", and more of a wage adjustment fix. Even potentially a regulatory fix to go after price gougers.

  • Scarlett Johansson denied OpenAI the right to use her voice. They used it anyway.
  • Lemmy is gonna lemmy.

    There isn't any evidence that they used her voice for the "Sky" voice model. Actually, there is evidence that they paid a voice actress to model that specific actress's voice.

    That actress sounds similar to Scarlett, but it isn't Scarlett's voice. Is that illegal? No. Is it grounds for a suit? maybe. Will Scarlett win? Maybe.

    Let's put it another way. If you wanted to record an audio book, but you wanted the voice actor to have certain qualities that you think would help your book sell. You think Scarlett has all of those qualities, so you ask her if she would record it for you. She declines.

    Well shit, that sucks. But wait! She's not the only person with those vocal qualities. I am sure you can find someone else with very similar qualities. So you hire another voice actress that has all of those--which coincidentally and very understandable sounds a lot like Scarlett. But it isn't Scarlett.

    Everyone wants to say "big corp bad!" here, but if they truly didn't use Scarlett's voice and didn't do any sort of manipulation to make it sound more like Scarlett, then why CANT they do it. I get that Scarlett is upset, but she's basically mad that someone sounds like her--and decided to work for OpenAI.

    If I wanted James Earl Jones to read my eulogy, but he isn't available or is unwilling. Why couldn't I get someone to sound like him to read it? Why should he be able to sue me for using a voice actor that sounds similar to him?

  • Do companies store facial and voice recognition data from the thousands of hours of zoom/teams calls that their employees use?
  • Yea, a lot of companies and even govt agencies have policies against recording meetings except for special circumstances. Edit: to clarify they have policies against employees initiating recordings (let alone automatically recording anything by default)

    Once you have it, it's a record. Now you have to keep it and treat it like one.

  • Engine Bursts Into Flames on Boeing Plane With 468 Aboard
  • completed an approximately 90-minute holding pattern before safely returning to and landing in Makassar.

    Lol wtf!? I get that it was past the point of no return and had to commit to take off but a 90 min wait to land again seems insane.

  • At Justice Alito’s House, a ‘Stop the Steal’ Symbol on Display
  • This doesn't look like his house, but he defended it so it must be.

    He lives up the road from me (I only found out when roe got fucked and a swat team and 3 dozen police were camped out in front of his house).

    That said, his excuse could be somewhat valid. People can get dumb with their yard signs up here. The MAGA crowd are a very small minority up here and most people aren't shy about "counter signage" (eg BLM, pride flags, Biden signs).

    If his wife was butthurt about signs hurting her feelings, maybe she did this in protest.

    Also, and I hate that I'm defending this piece of shit, but flipping a flag upside down isn't a "stop the steal" specific sign of protest. People do it for all sorts of reasons.

    I'm not willing to "give" them this symbol/protest.

  • Tennessee woman denied abortion after fetus’ ‘brain not attached’ slams ban
  • I know this is preaching to the choir here, but this is so gross across the board.

    My wife and I struggled to have our kid. That process is brutal. A lot of women miscarry. A lot of women have unviable pregnancies--like this. An obvious-to-everyone-but-conservatives outcome to banning abortions is that women will lose their ability to have children(like this) or worse they'll die.

    My wife has a very high likelihood of miscarriage. Miscarriages can cause all sorts of issues and sometimes doctors need to go in and clear stuff out (this is considered an abortion). If that doesn't happen, my wife could 1. Die 2. Lose her ovaries/uterus/fallopian tube 3. Never have a chance at more kids again.

    Abortions mean people have have happy healthy families. Abortions mean women can bring children into this world.

    We were lucky we didn't have to go down that path, but it's a serious risk if we try to have another kid.

    People act like women go get abortions for shits and giggles. Fuck anyone voting against women.

  • I still don't get buffers
  • I can't tell if ops joke is "intentionally confusing buffers with registers" and everyone is playing along or if people aren't making the distinction between the two in this thread.

    Which is ironic and humorous...potentially by accident.

  • After Raids, NYPD Denied Student Protesters Water and Food in Jail
  • If it makes you feel any better I am very much a Democrat. So it was a little bit of criticizing "my own team" so to speak.

    But I can see how it reads in hindsight. Haha I sound like my grandpa at Thanksgiving.

  • 54% of young Americans say food costs are the biggest strain on their finances
  • Ngl, just had a kid and I spend less on food because we don't go out as often. It's more of a hassle. And when we do go out we don't get drinks or at least one of us doesn't because we can't take cabs with a baby.

    Even with the multiple kid argument, there are economies of scale. You could almost make an argument that it's more justifiable to eat out when you are single since most recipes seem scoped for a family and you might waste more food if you aren't diligent about leftovers

  • What Calendar and To Do solution do you recommend?
  • I use vimwiki and wrote a bash script that pulls all of the Todo items from across my wiki and puts them in a single file with TODO and IN PROGRESS sections.

    I have a keybind that pulls up the list and runs the script to refresh it.

    It's not linked to any calendar though. I keep my to-do list and calendar separate.

    I use Gmail and have that calendar for my personal stuff. At work I am forced to use outlook.

  • Best Graphic card for Linux Gaming
  • Unless it's the newest of new Nvidia GTX cards, it's generally a wash.

    You tradeoff issues from one to the other.

    I had a 3070ti that I "upgraded" to a 6900xt and I kind of regretted it. I fell for the AMD is king on Linux hype.

    Nvidia is way better than people let on and AMD isn't nearly as great as people let on.

    That's my two cents.

  • Anyone else having issues with Apex Legends the last few weeks?

    Apex has been running smooth as butter (well, as smooth as apex can run :) ) for the last year or so on my PopOS machine. I haven't had to log into windows to game in about 18 months.

    I noticed a few months ago that I would get errors / crashes, seeimingly randomly where 'pak' files wouldn't load. I'd get a wine-looking pop up with the message. I could fix it by Validating Game Files. Inevitably it would find corrupt or invalid files and redownload them and it would work again.

    Something happened about ~4 weeks ago where it became much more frequent to the point where its now unplayable on PopOS.

    I've done everything I can think of:

    • completely removed steam and all my games from my system and retried with the deb package in the store. (no luck)

    • completely removed that and my games and tried with the flatpak (same issues)

    • I even, thinking my ssd might be failing, bought a new one, cloned my stuff over to that, etc (no luck, same issues).

    • I just uninstalled the game again and am trying to redownload as I am typing this and it gets to the end, fails (corrupt update files), then puts me in a loop of validating, downloading, pausing download, etc.

    All of my other games seem to work fine and update fine.

    Apex works on my steamdeck. Apex works fine on this same machine on Windows 10.

    I used inotify-tools to see if something was editing the files in between gaming sessions when it worked and when it didn't and nothing seems to be accessing let alone updating/writing to those files. So the corruption or whatever happens during use.

    I have tried Proton experimental and literally every version back until it wouldn't even make sense to run. I tried the last 5 or so ProtonGE versions as well.

    The thing is: Is this a Pop issue? Is it an Apex issues? Is it a proton issue? Is it a steam issue?

    I don't even know where to post this 'issue' too.

    For what its worth, I am happy to try and run this down and provide whatever logs may help. I could learn some auditd!


    <in the mean time I am going to tuck my tail and boot back into Windows so I can game for a bit>

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