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Ant smell
  • My weird "paranormal" quirk is knowing when someone is sick by smell. My nose is usually blocked up and I can barely smell flowers but for some reason I can just tell when someone is incubating some sickness that will make them bedridden the next day.

    No idea how it works. I just smell "sick" - it's kind of this warm earthy ground smell. I can even smell it on myself sometimes and I'll know I need to take a day off tomorrow. My theory is I can smell something off in the skin temperature.

  • My subtitles! I can't hear without my subtitles!
  • Not all the time though, a lot of official things aren't in Swedish or English. As someone who speaks much better Swedish than Finnish it's hilarious that the native language listed in my medical file is Finnish with no chance of ever changing it (there just isn't any other option). And this is in one of the top 3 cities.

  • The Extra Mile
  • Eh going the extra mile is how I got so burned out I had to quit a job for the sake of my physical and mental health.

    Did I get promoted? Hell no. Never did. The boss's wife sure did though.

    Yes I'm aware you said balance but I just had to share why I'm currently trying not to care anymore. Note I said trying, I'm really terrible at not giving everything to every project I'm in.

  • evolution
  • Not American but doesn't central America get cold as fuck at night? I would assume that's what cowboys dressed for since you can always remove clothes but you can't exactly create them from thin air at night.

  • Meta Staff Found Instagram Tool Enabled Child Exploitation. The Company Pressed Ahead Anyway.
  • Same happened with me but on YouTube! Reported an ad that was pretending to be fox news or something, led to a website pretending to be another news site that linked to a fake shell (the oil company) site to get your credit card information. Despite going very in depth about the scam "everything was fine".