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Essential movies to watch
  • Con Air aka the greatest film ever made :

  • AOC files articles of impeachment against Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito
  • On one hand, she has more efficacy in congress, on the other hand: fuck those fucking fucks AOC 24 let's fucking go!

  • Trump World ‘panicking’ as Project 2025 gets on the radar of voters
  • I told my wife the minute I heard about it a few months back... Do you not talk to her?

  • What happens if Biden dies before the next inauguration (see inside)?
  • Because Trump now thinks he has full immunity to assassinate his political rivals

  • Why don't you...
  • Yes your 5 year old nephew is very insightful

  • What YouTubers did you used to watch back then but not anymore?
  • Maybe I'm going too old school here but the first 2 that came to mind were CommunityChannel and Phillip Defranco

  • What YouTubers did you used to watch back then but not anymore?
  • 100% this. That was the beginning of the day end.

  • Neighbors looking out for each other.
  • I like how they crossed out catstrap and rewrote catstrap. "no, that's not what it's called... Hey frank what's that thing called to strap down the cat converter? A catstrap? Oh OK that was it..."

  • World Naked Bike Ride returns to Madison despite controversy
  • For like maybe an hour... Only downtown.

    I live in Madison and I didn't even know it was back on, and I didn't see any naked people that day. Pretty easily avoidable if it bothers you.

  • I wore a pride hat and my conservative co-worker lost her mind.
  • Dude black flag is a punk band

  • Which is which?
  • Ditto for me on both counts. I was trying to figure out if he was your wifes dad who is also your MD or what. So doctor father is more like drag mother.

  • Hearing is be-leafing: Students invent quieter leaf blower
  • Can I get those STL files? I'm gonna print one for each of my neighbors

  • The state of things
  • 60% of the time, it works every time

  • It was worth a try
  • Hahaha I also tried this for the wordle today. Glad it's not just me.

  • Someone has a sense of humor
  • snapped this stopped a light a few months ago

  • How to pickup girls 101
  • If that opinion was unpopular we wouldn't talk about Wayland literally everyday

  • Maia has a cute one
  • 🙏

  • I have found my people! Vegan brats and macaroni salad

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    Some beyond brats and Hellmann's vegan mayo macaroni salad. All covered in green onion. I love shitty vegan food so much.