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Biden Will Try Again to Wipe Out Student Loan Debt for Millions of Borrowers
  • While it is certainly not the only reason, government intervention via zoning laws is definitely a factor in the house crisis. If mixed use zoning was more universally a thing, then that would be the government not intervening in the housing market.

  • Solid advice
  • Mac is my favorite software development OS. Linux has too many issues with related software like Slack and doesn't have good Office software. Windows on the other hand is fucking dog shit for development.

  • Seriously, Nestle? There’s no way this makes any real difference
  • The majority of the research out there does not support dark mode being better for your eyes. Generally, you only experience additional eye strain from a screen when the brightness of the screen is different from surrounding light conditions. So if you want to reduce strain, use brighter screens in bright daylight and dimmer screens in a dark room.

    However, the research also indicates that it is easier for most people to focus on text when it is dark text on a light background. This is especially true for people with astigmatism (about 1/3 of Americans).

    So, kindly leave your default dark mode off my sites. Thanks.